Staying updated with the latest hair fashion trends and tips help to make sure that you’re looking good and ready for any social gathering. This season, the hair styles that are trending are definitely easy and in and you’ll find that many of them are easy to make at home.

Say bye bye to the salon this summer as we bring you some hair fashion trends and tips to look good that are nifty, easy and breezy.

Naping Knots

Whether you’re feeling lazy or just not in the mood to do a complicated up do’s, the low slung bun can be your best friend. Simply blow dry your hair and make it straight.

Make a center parting and pull back your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Then twist your ponytail and tie it in a bun. Easy peasy. Smooth away any bumps and keep your hair looking slick and shiny with a little shine spray and some anti frizz spray.

Low Tails

Pony tails are back in style. While technically, they were never out of style for the everyday person, the low pony tail was a firm favorite in the spring/summer catwalk and you’ll find that this laid back hair do is the easiest one to follow. Just straighten or blow dry your hair.

Make a center parting and pull back your hair into a low ponytail; this also rests at the nape of your neck. If you like, pull down a few stray strands to frame your face or use a slick side parting to look ultra chic. When you’re happy with your low pony tail, add in a dollop of shine spray.

Au Naturel Waves and Curls

If you’re more about not straightening or blow drying your hair then you’ll be happy to know that this summers hair trends and tips include the au naturel look. Just let your hair do its thing and add in a few products to help emphasis or compliment it.

If you have hair that is naturally prone to curling, then add in some curling spray or sea salt spray when it’s wet and let it dry naturally to give yourself natural messy curls. Similarly if you’ve got wavy hair then let it be wavy, ditch that straightner and let your locks fly. Just remember to scrunch it a bit with your fingers from time to time.

Slick Back

Remember the wet look? Well it’s back. Hair slicked back is in and is less extensively drenched as before. Nonetheless, whether you’re tying a bun or a pony tail, slicking hair to side or the parting it will make you look decisively more chic. You can also use some product only at the roots and let your hair stay straight throughout.

Coming Undone

This summer’s hair trends and tips are all about keeping it casual and messy and what’s more casual than a half done up do? We’re going to let you be creative and come up with ways to mess up your up do. Whether you’re wearing a bun or a ponytail, there are always ways to look messy yet keep it sexy.

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