If you’re planning to upgrade your race car, there are seven modifications that you may want to consider. Each component will boost the original manufacturer’s specs dramatically.

Racing Stripes: The Best Ways To Upgrade Your Race Car

Wider Wheels

You’ll need to replace your current tires with wider wheels if your race car doesn’t brake and make turns on the track efficiently. However, you must understand that the extra weight may affect the shocks and springs.

If you only want to improve the vehicle’s handling, invest in a pair of plus-size tires. To install them, you may have to reduce the automobile’s sidewall height in order to keep every tire at the same diameter.

High-Performance Shocks

Improved shocks will help your steer your race car better on the track whenever the tires roll over bumps. The only disadvantage is that the vehicle will feel stiffer and steering will be a bit rougher.

Anti-Roll Bars

If you buy anti-roll bars, you won’t have problems keeping your vehicle evenly on the track. These accessories improve stability because they increase tire contact on the road.

Adjustable Top Strut Mounts

Adjustment mounts will give your race car an enhanced alignment range, which will improve road-holding attributes. However, once installed, you’ll hear more noise as you race down the track.

To improve cornering, you must fine-tune the vehicle’s alignment by installing unique mounts called camber plates. These components will replace the fixed rubber mounts, which are found in the front of the suspension system. If you can’t afford strut mounts, various options are available. For example, carparts.com promo codes from Discountrue can help you lower quality automotive components dramatically.

Catalyst-Back Exhaust

If your race car makes a lot of noise when you speed down a track, a catalyst-back system can help. The latest exhaust systems are quieter because they are built with sound cancellation technology.

Stiff Motor Mounts

When a vehicle’s handing and engine response begin to suffer, the motor mount needs to be replaced. Highly durable motor mounts give drivers enhanced control on the track, but they also increase driveline vibration and engine feedback.

Performance Seat

If you’d like better support when you drive your car around complex tracks, a performance seat is a great investment because it’s very comfortable. All performance seat manufacturers make their products out of quality material, which prevent injuries during intense driving conditions.

All of these updates can help you win more races throughout the year. If you work with a professional mechanic, you can speed up the modification process.