Rebuilt Car EnginesIf your car’s engine has lived its life then naturally you require a rebuilt engine. That’s because such engines are way cheaper than new engines and they work as good as new, and last as long. Buying such an engine also makes for an environment-friendly choice.

The big question is how will you source your remanufactured engine?

The answer is – online. Many quality engine rebuilders have set up ecommerce websites and all you have to do is check their credentials, read the testimonials and place the order.

The next big question is how will you choose a engine rebuilder?

Well, here’s a checklist that helps:


Are you getting a robust 3-year (100,000) mile warranty with additional 2 years labor warranty for extra engine protection? Are engine parts and labor costs covered for the entire term? Check the fine print in the warranty and look for exclusions.


There are some parts that just cannot be overhauled. Check if your remanufactured engine is equipped with new pistons and rings. Other parts such as timing components, gasket seats, oil pumps, rod bearings and freeze plugs must be new as well.


All other parts (except for the new parts stated above) are overhauled. Here is what you must ask the rebuilder:

  • Are block heads and cylinder decks resurfaced?
  • Have connecting rods been checked and defects rectified?
  • Have crankshafts been reground?
  • Have oil holes been chamfered?


Are rebuilt engines compared with new engines? Did the engineers benchmark the rebuilt engine with a new engine, and were the engineers satisfied that the overhauled engine could work like the new engine? Does the remanufactured engine conform to the current OEM standards?


Is the rebuilder networked with robust engine suppliers? Are these suppliers certified? Has the rebuilder won any noteworthy award? Are the rebuilders versatile – do they rebuild American car, marine and other high performance engines? Are the rebuilders well-stocked with parts of vintage truck engines like Federal Mogul, Hastings, Pioneer, etc.?


Check up on their customer testimonials and ask the customer service department for a few references. Speak to their satisfied customers and determine if their satisfaction is genuine.


Most engine rebuilders give discounts. You must shortlist 2-3 rebuilders and then before choosing one, ask for a discount. If everything else remains the same, go with the rebuilder who’s passing on the highest discount.

Use this checklist to discover the right source of your rebuilt engine.

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      James M. McLain has is a blogger with his own small garage where he uses both Jasper Engines and other brands to rebuild cars.