Sure, at first a game room may seem frivolous, but a well-stocked place in your house dedicated to fun can actually save you money. When you’ve got amazing games and entertainment options at home, who needs to go out? If you already have an existing game room, you can make plans to overhaul it, or if starting from scratch, these ideas can get you started:

Entertainment Center

Take your movie experiences to a new level by installing a sweet entertainment center in your game room. As a centerpiece, either mount a large flat-screen television on the wall or consider installing a projector in your ceiling and projecting movies onto a screen. Your favorite action movies and video games will feel much more realistic when viewing them on a large scale. If you have the budget for it, spring to have the room wired for surround sound.

To make the most of your new TV or projector, plan on arranging some custom seating. You can create a theater-like seating area for movie nights using faux stadium seating. Hunt around vintage stores and flea markets to find old-school movie chairs. For new seats, think wholesale or catalog shopping.



Any sort of game table , be it billiards or air hockey, turns a game room into a real crowd-pleaser. Elementary-school children are old enough to take on air hockey, while pool is better suited to older kids and teens. These tables can be expensive, but you may be able to score a good deal on a used table or floor model from a game store. Due to their size, these tables may not be right for every room.

A foosball table can lend a game room an old-school vibe and is generally less expensive than a larger pool or air hockey table but just as much fun. Foosball is generally compact enough to fit in a small room, although you will need space around the table for players to maneuver the handles. Foosball even appeals to younger kids, and the simple rules of the game can help them hone hand-eye coordination without presenting too much of a challenge.

If you can’t decide which type of table to get, consider purchasing a multi-type table. These convert to offer a wider array of family-friendly games, including scaled-down versions of table tennis, foosball, or air hockey. They also tend to be cheaper than the specialized game tables above.

Be sure to have board games and puzzles on hand as well. These make for excellent family fun during storms or power outages and are great for large groups. Consider mixing classic games such as chess, checkers, Scrabble, Outburst and Trivial Pursuit with newer games such as Apples to Apples, Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity and more.


Once you’ve gathered the games and set up your entertainment center, game room decor will be the finishing touch. Bright walls add color that can pump up the mood, while soothing colors promote relaxation and refreshment. Consider adding framed posters of movie stars or athletes to give your space an Old Hollywood or game day feel. Be sure to provide ample lighting over game tables. You might also include a mini fridge for beverages and a snack area for comfortable eating while relaxing.

Let these ideas inspire your plans to create the perfect game room for you and your family to enjoy. Once everything is ready, plan a game night party and invite friends over to show off your fabulous new room.

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