Keep adding value to your home is a surefire way to stay up in the real estate game even when the market is falling. If you can add new values, you will get the rewards at the time of selling the home. However, many people think that renovation projects and making home improvements are the only ways to increase the value but you should look into these much easier options too.

Add details with Crown Moldings

Increase Your Home’s Value With Crown Moldings

Crown molding styles are a great option since these can create a high-end look without the high price tags of other features. When it comes to change the air of a room, nothing works better than adding details with an architectural feature. You can go with either plain or decorative molds as both types have the charisma to uplift a place.

Make a Bold Statement

Adding drama doesn’t necessarily enhance the price value of a residence, but it certainly catches attention. And, the selling price of your home can spring up if you can impress the potential buyers.

Molding boards can be the key to creating such a bold impact. Make a real statement by installing black molding and trim in a white or neutral room. The chutzpah of the vibrant shades will get the best exposure on a soft background. However, you can bring some wooden items to soften the sheer contrast.

Match the Window Trims with Moldings

Increase Your Home’s Value With Crown Moldings

Both window treatments and crown molding decorations enhance a place and putting them together will certainly bump the worth of your living place. Instead of covering the windows with long curtains or blinds, beautify them by trimming them with boards similar to the design of the moldings in that room. You can apply the same method for encasing the doors too. Such a design trick will up the aesthetic quotient of a place.

Upgrade the Countertops

Increase Your Home’s Value With Crown Moldings

Changing the dated countertops will breathe new life into a space and add immediate value whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, bar, or utility room. Don’t go for the plastic laminate as it sits in the lower-end grade. Quartz and granite are two of the most popular choices that can really help with quick selling. The combination of composite granite and resin is another good option that looks like granite but costs only a fraction.

Apply Dark Molding with an Equally Dark Color

It’s another way to create an eye-catching statement. However, you have to carefully choose and use the bold, rich shades because it can be overbearing and spawn a rather disastrous effect. Instead of applying bright hues, choose matte colors to counterbalance the sheer boldness of the dark palette.

Incorporate More and More Eco-friendly Features

Increase Your Home’s Value With Crown Moldings

Modern people have been becoming more and more conscious about preserving the environment and minimizing the carbon footprint. So, spending money for bringing environmental-friendly updates will reward you with a big return. Choose organic and recycled items that are free of PVC and other harmful ingredients. Bamboo flooring, resin countertops, water-saving plumbing fixtures, energy-efficient appliances, and other eco-friendly materials are the green living upgrades that are worth the investment.

Pay Attention to the Master Bedroom

Increase Your Home’s Value With Crown Moldings

It is a great selling point as buyers really love to see a tranquil, well-decorated bedroom suite. Update the trimming of the door and windows, change the light fixtures, paint the walls, and polish the furniture.

Recessed lights with dimmer can help creating a relaxing mood while installing raised tray ceiling and crown moldings create a high-value appeal. You can also update the master bathroom with spa-like features to impress the buyers.

Never hesitate to spend money for the upgrades of your home. The value that you create today will increase over time and reward bit time in future. Even if you don’t have any plan to sell your home anytime soon, these updates will undoubtedly improve your lifestyle.