The bedside cabinet is a staple of bedrooms up and down the country, if not across the world. For some, it is an opportunity to organise everything they may need throughout the night or first thing in the morning, for others they become a dumping ground for random bits with no fixed abode.


Whether you fall into the former camp and your cabinet is a picture of immaculate organisation or you are very much a hoarder of stuff you can’t find anywhere better for, abedside cabinet is an essential part of your bedroom. If you would like to become more organised, follow some of these handy tips.

Sourcing a Cabinet

Firstly, if you are without a bedside cabinet, fear not as they can be purchased for relatively small outlay. Cheap bedside cabinets can be obtained from many online or physical stores, with a range of drawer options. Many people favour a table, as they are worried that the drawers in a cabinet would become overrun with many different items, so think carefully about what you need and how many drawers you require, if you want to go down that road.

For those with new cheap bedside cabinets, it is time to prioritise the items that you feel should go there. The top of the cabinet was in the past home to an alarm clock of some description and a nightlight or reading lamp. Whilst alarm clocks have largely been replaced by phones for the purposes of waking people up, many prefer the easily read displays of a digital alarm clock, especially if the call of nature strikes in the middle of the night.

Organising the Cabinet Top

Once you have your essential items in place, it is best to consider what you actually need to have to hand when you are in bed. A good book usually has pride of place, although E-readers are increasingly popular, whilst a glass of water is often good to have to hand. Some favour the minimalist look, with only the essentials there, whilst others will find this difficult to maintain.

If you are one of those who has to empty the change from their pockets or a person who finds themselves picking up random items and placing them about their person throughout the day, only to shed everything when bed time nears, try arranging a couple of wicker boxes atop your bedside cabinet. This way, every week or so, the items could be rehomed, or even jettisoned if they serve little or no purpose. Similarly, a coin jar or money box could be a great way of saving up all of that change!

Customise your Cabinet

If you have purchased a cheap bedside cabinet and found that it doesn’t really match the ambiance of your room, it won’t cost a great deal more to customise the furniture and make it take pride of place in your bedroom. Try painting your cabinet, or covering the top in printouts of old photos before protecting with a clear lacquer. This way you will be inspired to keep the top clear!

Ilena Sanchez writes regularly about subjects such as stylish cheap bedside cabinets for a range of different websites.