Buying a car is a tough decision and it becomes the toughest when you go for a used car. It is human’s psychology that he never be 100% sure about his purchases but the surety percentage decreases when the used thing is to be purchase.

Car runs on road, when we buy a used car we are uncertain how was it treated by its former owner. Many things confuse us while buying a used car. As if it had any accident, how the body condition and what is the legal status of that car.

Through this article I will tell you about four things to ponder when buying a used car

Apparent Body Condition of Car:Apparent body condition is very important and more confusing too. This can be check quite easily do following tips to check the car appearance,

  • Don’t inspect the car during night or in artificial light, check it under sunlight so that all defects are clearly visible.
  • Get the car properly cleaned before checking. No sign of mud or dust should be on it as it will hide many facts from you
  • Check all parts and notice the color difference in paint, this would be slight difference but you have to be intelligent and note that little difference.
  • You may find some droplets of paint near the newly painted area.
  • Take a deep look of hood, bumpers, doors and fender because if they had been damaged by accident you will find welding signs. Check the car from inside.

                  Now conclude the findings as, if you find that only one or two parts are painted that is door or fender, it’s not a big problem you may go for purchase. The problem is that if hood or bumper is painted and welded as it happens in major accident cases. If the bumper was repainted just for small scrapes it is fine and not a big issue so keep an eye on welding sign.




Legal Status

Check the car for its nobleness, whether it had been used in any criminal activity or not,  note the registration number and other documentation of car and go to traffic police information office and check that car has any criminal record or not. Don’t dare to buy a car which had been theft and used in any criminal activity. If Traffic police doesn’t clear the car it means it is not worth buying I strongly recommend to buy a car after getting clearance.



Check the Engine

Checking the engine is also an important step which must be taken before making the purchase open the hood and be a mechanicJ. Follow these steps,

  • Open the oil lid and leave it opened
  • Start the car while it is in stationary position

If you find smoke it means engine needs some money in future but it is not a big deal engine problem can be fixed easily.

Take a Test Drive

Take a test drive, it will tell you about ease of the car, try to drive on a road with huge bumps and don’t forget to slow the speed and concentrate on sound. If you hear unusual sound it mean car has some problem to be fixed investigate that problem.

Check the Mileage

Check the mileage of car means how long it had run on the road. A car which had covered great mileage needs second minute to ponder, but low mileage always doesn’t mean car is worth buying so it is the last step to be taken and you may compromise on it.

These steps were told you to achieve maximum100% sure car because used one is obviously used it would not like new one. These stems may help you to find the better one.

Author’s Bio:  Paul is indulged in used car dealerships New York and has strong marketing skills. He is a freelance writer and writes for Rockland Toyota. He advises people who want to purchase cars new or used one.