PR stands for public relations and the person who is eligible for PR jobs is known as public relations account executive. Public relations (PR) are the way how individuals and organizations communicate with ordinary people and media. If you are planning to become a PR representative, then there are some requirements that you should fulfill. These are you should be smart, intelligent, talented, and hardworking. You should have the capability to deal with situations at their worst and should be able to communicate with the audience directly or indirectly through media with an aim to create and maintain a positive image of their client in front of the world.

There are several pr jobs in Delhi, which require all these alternatives. Furthermore, the person should possess strong media contacts and keep a daily check on newspapers, magazines, journals and blogs so as to update their client about their image in the society and provide opportunities for their coverage. It’s not necessary that the person should have higher education like B.A., M.A., PhD., etc, rather he/she should have good communication skills and must be excellent in oral and written office work. With skills to handle crisis situations and pressure of media, the person should also be well versed with complete about PR writing tools such asspeeches, press kits, newsletters, feature articles, proposals, press releases and persuasive pitch letters to journalists. For gaining all such features, one should have thorough knowledge about this field and this can only be possible by having experience of at least six months from a reputed PR Agency.

The person should have the capability of organizing and managing press conferences and various events for their client so as to get more coverage for their client. If you are planning to go in this field then consult agencies specialized in appointing PR.