In today’s modern business market, hosted PBX VoIP servers are gaining popularity within the small business world and SMBs. So, why is this service so popular? And is there a catch to the provider that we don’t know about? Let’s dive a little deeper.

Popularity Of VoIP and Hosted PBX Solutions

Benefits of VoIP

Basically, VoIP allows a business to connect to a virtual Internet-based phone system that provides all of the features of an expensive analog system at a fraction of the cost. You can save up to 90 percent of your phone budget by using a hosted PBX business phone server. VoIP is also virtually hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about expensive start-up costs, the costs of installation, the cost of hardware, or the cost of long-distance fees. Most VoIP servers offer many benefits included in the low cost, including unlimited calling, free faxing, three-way calling, remote access, caller ID, voice to text messages, and a whole lot more. Most VoIP servers also have greater flexibility and security measures than most analog systems.

Why use VOIP?

Across the globe, IT budgets are shrinking. Anywhere a business can cut corners will increase profits. If you can cut expenses without sacrificing on quality, you should definitely do that. By switching to business VoIP plans, you can easily save thousands of dollars each year.

What benefits does Hosted PBX Bring?

No Hardware:

You don’t have to pay for any hardware costs or installation costs with a PBX. All you have to pay for is the phones that you plan to use and the cost of the monthly usage fee.

No Staff:

You don’t have to hire expert technicians to solve phone problems with your system. Most VoIP servers offer free troubleshooting and will fix any problem without cost.

Budget Calls:

Calling through PBX is extremely budget friendly. You can pay a low per-minute fee, or unlimited calls for a flat rate. Any local area code that you want you can get. This makes it possible to call anywhere at local rates.

Cool Features:

You can get a variety of awesome features with PBX. You will get the best call management features like follow me features, virtual receptionists, voicemail, conferencing calling, call transfers, and much more that will impress customers and business associates.

Seamless Connectivity:

You can connect to the system from any phone from anywhere in the world. Need to visit China? You can use your cell phone to answer calls just as if you are back at the office.

What’s the Catch?

VoIP is not entirely perfect and without faults. For example, if your Internet connection goes down, you will not be able to access to phone network. There are also a few additional connectivity issues that could potentially pop up and make it difficult to use the system. Your PBX host may go down for an hour or two at a time, making it impossible for customers to contact you. However, on the whole, there are many additional benefits to using VoIP and hosted PBX than any other form of business phone services.

Clearly, there are many benefits to using an Internet-based phone service for your business. Even if you also use an analog phone for some of the lines, you can save thousands of dollars each year by switching to virtual phone-based systems. That is a benefit of modern business that is impossible to ignore.