There are few things that can ruin your day more quickly than a serious plumbing issue. A plumbing catastrophe will require you to put your day on hold, call a plumber, hope that there is a plumber who is not booked for the day, and then wait around for the plumber to show up and fix your plumbing issue. Most of the time, the problem could have been solved with a little preemptive action. A quick call to the local plumber to set up an appointment—in your free time—could save you boatloads of trouble; a building is just like a person—it needs regular checkups to ensure that it is healthy.

Professional Plumbers Prevent Plumbing Problems

Here are a few of the things that you should have your plumber periodically inspect, repair or replace:


A drain clog has been the bane of nearly everyone’s existence at some point in time. Oftentimes, there is nothing that we can do to prevent it ourselves. Grease, rust, food, hard water and other types of natural contaminants will build up to clog your drain; over the counter drain cleaning products just don’t reach deep enough to get rid of the problem. Calling a plumber to give your pipes a deep cleaning every once in a while and will save you some money—you won’t have to waste money on over the counter products that won’t work and plumbers are much more amiable to offering lower rates when you don’t have an immediate need—and some time.

Water Pressure

One of the primary causes of burst pipes is excessive water pressure. While those gauges in your basement are supposed to tell you if your water pressure is safe, they are not always accurate. If your water pressure gauge is inaccurate, then you could be unknowingly be the victim of a burst pipe very soon. The damages caused by burst pipes can cost thousands to repair. You have to hire an emergency plumber to replace the destroyed pipes and you have to hire a water damage restoration expert to repair as much of the water damage that the spill from the burst pipe has caused as possible. If you call a plumber every now and then to double check your water pressure, he can immediately fix a problem and save you a major headache.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen water in pipes can cause two problems: They can halt a building’s water flow, making it impossible to shower, flush the toilet, or anything else, or they can cause the pipes to burst (see water pressure). This is one of the most easily avoidable of all plumbing headaches. You should call a plumber to install thermal insulation for your pipes asap. Normally, this process only needs to happen once so you won’t have to worry after that.

Sewer Lines and Septic Tanks

A sewer line or septic tank backup or clog often results in the contents being spewed out the other way. In other words, one of these could mean a very messy day for you. You shouldn’t need this done often, but a periodic inspection of your sewer line or septic tank by a professional plumber is a smart move. If you have sewer line, you might even be able to get the local government to foot the inspection bill.

Other Plumbing Issues

These are just a few of the plumbing catastrophes that can be prevented by a quick phone call to your local plumber. If you live in the Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Aurora, and Greater Toronto Area, you can contact J&S Services today to learn more about how professional plumbers prevent plumbing problems. They can also provide you with some professional tips about everyday plumbing best practices.