Marque hire is used by many people for all types of venues, mainly due to its versatility. Hiring a marquee for private weddings and parties offers the guests an open, relaxed, and professional atmosphere. Unlike a boring hotel room or conference room inside a facility, a marquee can be uniquely tailored by you to perfectly suit your event. The presentation is more appealing and first impressions are vital. Generally speaking, the relaxed guests have fun and leave with a positive impression of their enjoyable evening. This is especially important if you are attempting to leave a lasting impression on guests, customers, clients or all of the above.

According to the experts at just hiring the marquee won’t get the job done though. You need to carefully consider your theme. The options are endless and include linings, furnishings, lighting, decorations etc. Other services that are often obtained when hiring a marquee include, event catering, bar services, limousine service, portable toilets, and generators for heating or air conditioning. There is no doubt something that will suit your needs and the needs of each of your guests.

Private Event Marquee Hire – The Key Benefits

1 – Location Choice

A definite advantage is the fact that when you decide to hire a marquee for your event, the possibilities for location are almost endless. Ideally the event should be centrally located so that none of your guests have to travel too far to get there. Utilise the country side or the cityscape when deciding on a location. It would be a good idea to try to match the location with the theme you have chosen for the event.

2 – Guest Numbers

Keep in mind the number of guests you expect. By bringing your event outdoors and into a private marquee you open up vast possibilities. If you have a very large guest list, start looking for your location months in advance as anywhere that is large enough to accommodate a big group of people is likely going to be reserved.  Additionally, you want to reserve a space that will accommodate only a small extra number of people. Wasted space can make an event seem as though it had a poor turnout. By the same token, don’t cram your guests into a confined space where it is difficult to move about.

3 – Limitless Design Choice

If you hold your event in an event hall, conference room, or in any fixed location that is used for more than one purpose, your ability to decorate and design your event to suit you and your guests is severely limited. You may be allowed to bring in flowers and banners, maybe a ribbon or two but not much else. In hiring a marquee, almost every artistic possibility is available at your fingertips. Colour, design, size, and any theme you can create can be used to transform your marquee event into something that is uniquely you.

4 – Services

Most marquee companies have staff that will assist or provide setting up the marquee, decorating it, catering the event, serving the guests, and taking everything away when it is over. If you prefer you also usually have the option to bring in outside help which can help keep you within your budget.

5 – Affordability

With the wide range of possibilities available and the ability to accommodate the needs of every event, it would seem that marquee hire is only for the rich and famous. However, this is not the case. When compared to the costs of renting a large event hall, hiring a designer to decorate it, caterers to provide the meal, servers to serve it and a crew to clean up, the price of a marquee is very realistic.

If you are going to be planning a private event soon, then it would be wise to consider private event marquee hire. The list of advantages far outweighs the disadvantages, if you can find any, that is.