Women have traditionally decided to have a child in their 20’s. This number has decreased since more women have decided to pursue a career in their younger years. It’s still important to preserve your fertility throughout your 20’s, though, so you’ll have an easier time conceiving later on. Visit here for more information before reading on for some of the techniques you can use.

Why Your 20’s?

From the ages of 20 to 29 you’re most likely to damage your fertility permanently. This is a time where most people start to explore themselves and the world for the first time. It will be their first time travelling abroad with friends, going out to wild parties regularly, and partaking in regular sexual activity.


The damage is usually done at younger ages where we’re care-free. We don’t think about the potential consequences. This is why it’s necessary to start taking precautionary action as soon as you can.

Know Your Cycle

The menstrual cycle is the only way you can tell you’re still fertile. Women have been taught to see these cycles as a time to fear because things change. They become more irritable and they feel discomfort. Yet so many women don’t know if there’s actually something wrong with their cycle.

Keep a journal of when your menstrual cycle starts and how you feel at the time. If there’s ever a time where the trend in your cycle and feelings change, you know now is the time to visit a doctor and get any problems addressed quickly.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

STIs are your worst enemy, especially in today’s world where seemingly everyone is sexually active to some extent. Some STIs have very minor symptoms which you might be tempted to ignore. If you ever have any sort of inkling you’ve contracted an infection, visit your local sexual health clinic immediately.

We would also recommend getting yourself (and your partner) checked each time you get into a new relationship.

Drinking and Smoking

Stay away from smoking. It causes 13 per cent of the world’s infertility problems by killing off your eggs. Second-hand smoke won’t cause the same problem, but direct smoking will. Avoid it completely.

Alcohol can also mess around with your hormones in negative ways. You should stay away from it if you can. The odd drink here and there won’t do anything to make you infertile, but regular binge drinking will.

Don’t Make It an Obsession

There’s always a danger of making your fertility in your 20’s an obsession. You hear about all the women who become infertile and you’re rightly desperate for this to not happen to you. If you make it an obsession you will miss out on a lot of life experiences.

For example, if you refuse to go to a party just because you hear there will be smoking and alcohol consumption you’re depriving yourself.

This obsession can quite easily turn into a source of stress. And stress itself can impact your ability to ovulate. Know when to stay disciplined and when to let rip and just enjoy life. Your physical and mental health will thank you for it!