Are you a pet lover? Do you have dog at your home? Please make sure you have taught him / her good manners. There are lots of cases where in dog bites or attacks have been registered under serious cases. According to some sources, most of the dog attacks are within the family or friends circle. The study also indicates that more than 75% of the dog attacks on the minors are from their own family member’s dogs.

Important Notes For The Dog Owners In Case Of Dog Bites

During the dog attacks, the main question to be answered is who will bear the cost of the victim. There are lots of cases in which the loss to the victim has caused long lasting damages such as:

  • Hefty medical bills that include hospitalization, medications, plastic surgery and in some cases psychiatrist or a counselor visit
  • If the victim is the only earning hand of the family, then his or her loss of income
  • In case of property damages if any

During the dog attacks, dog owner will be held responsible for all the damages happened to the victim. One of the most common expenses is the medical bills. The victim is liable to claim all the expenses that have incurred due to the injury. Just in case if the victim’s injury aggravates the pre-existing injury, then the victim can claim the total expenses incurred in the treatment.

Legally, the person can claim both the current dog bite and any side effects due to dog bite. Due to the dog bite if the person is not able to attend his or her work and is incurring loss in income, then the dog owner should reimburse total expenses borne by the victim.

Below mentioned are few deciding factors as how much a victim gets from the settlement:

  • Generally, the amount for pain and injury suffering can be claimed by folding the medical bills by double or four times
  • A child can claim more than any adult, because the child may become permanently terrified of the dogs
  • If the rabies vaccination was not given to the dog, then the jury may wait and notice the dog for any symptoms of the fatal disease. During this period, the victim has to live in anxiety and he is eligible to claim for the entire period
  • If the attack was not provoked one, then the victim may get more compensation

To avoid shelling out money from your account, you can be prepared with the insurance policies covering dog attack San Diego. You can make the damages to be paid by the following:

  • House owner’s insurance
  • Motor homeowner’s insurance
  • Insurance for the employers
  • Insurance for the landlords
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Renter’s insurance

Generally, the people who own the dogs are to make sure that any of the above mentioned policies will cover the total damages due to dog bites. Nowadays it has become mandatory to cover as much as possible to avoid any sort of problems due to dog bites.