Few years ago I was in a problem of breaking deadline for my history essay. The topic concerned British Dardanelles Campaign. It required a lot of research and since I didn’t start collecting and reading materials on time I had a problem keeping all the pieces of the puzzle together when I actually started writing it. Even the less formal introduction that I wanted to create took too much time to write and I became desperate. A friend asked me why don’t I look for custom writing services online. I never thought about it before and I never thought I would be in a situation to look for this kind of solution for my obligations as a student. The idea lingered in my mind for a few days and in the end I decided to look up for services that sell custom essays for money.

To cut the long story short I contacted one of them. I had nothing to lose except a few dollars and the potential benefit was enormous. Moreover I wasn’t sure whether I knew properly how to write an essay

Apparently I had luck to find the right people. I had a great communication with the writer that was assigned for my case. Honestly, I didn’t expect so much dedication. He took care with all the details and instructions I gave him. From paying attention to structure and methodology required at my University to putting endnotes in the right format. It’s not only the form that was adequate. What was in the body of this custom essay was equally brilliant.

I could give the writer (which I did) the main idea around which the story should be built. Of course it wasn’t necessary for me to intervene but I wanted to come as close as possible to what I would have done if I had enough time.

I can say that I actually learned much more on how to write an essay from the employee of a custom writing service than I did from all my tutors at the University. I even became so enthusiastic about the topic that I did additional research and rewrote some parts of the conclusion to make it mine in a way.

I hope that this testimony will and help encourage other students to do the same when it seems like everything is lost and the deadlines will be broken. Essay writing services are all over the Web you just need to pick a good one.