With the abounding inflow of blogging, we are fortunate to get a lot to read and enjoy on a ramification of topics. whilst the contributions on technology, Literature, Poetry or different related topics are doing wonderfully properly it’s far the vicinity of “Humour”, “Satire” etc that concerns me a little. Humour, in keeping with me, is a very sublime emotion that has the specific best / power to entertain both the person who initiates it and the man or woman to whom it’s miles addressed. The end result being a good chortle that is good for the coronary heart!, literally.

sadly this art of making humorous posts / articles is quite a difficult challenge in that, very frequently one finally ends up by making a bad funny story or making himself look ridiculous. This top notch device of merriment turned into expertly handled with the aid of Authors like George Bernard Shaw, Robert Lynd etc who produced such first rate works like “Pygmalion” and our personal inimitable R k Narayan, whose tales like “Malgudi Days”, “economic professional” and so on were in a category in their personal. I study someplace that even Bernard Shaw had a flavor of his own bullying nature as soon as. He was taking walks on a slim lane inside the London suburbs when he noticed a poor farmer coming towards him from the other route. one in every of them needed to get in the direction of the side wall to let the other pass. Bernard Shaw, not in his best of moods, barked “I do no longer deliver way to fools!”. The farmer politely stepped apart to permit him skip saying, “I do Sir.” well that is what I call an amazing repartee! Adroitness and cleverness in reply, now not necessarily abusive or even sarcastic.

Do write about comical situations and funny episodes of humans, no problem. simply make certain that everybody laughs. I recognize, it’s miles the style these days, to make a dig at a person and make humorous feedback about the mannerism or idiosyncrasy of that individual. properly they are great up to a degree. you may locate which you begin dropping your recognition finally, in case you depended only on this kind. properly, before I begin to sound like a social reformer, I need to stop this publish. This isn’t always a complaint or complaint towards the super humorous Blogs. just an enchantment to excel and enjoy with every person.

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