Patios welcome family and friends to the great outdoors with all of its unique charm and possibility. Landscape design determines the look and feel of any patio space as it aims to honor nature by extending the amount of time we spend outside. An excellent way to start getting some ideas before tackling the project of landscaping your patio is to check out a Patio Photo Gallery so you can visually see Patio Landscaping Photos and start imagining the possibilities.

Customize the Design to Match the Purpose

Where you live and what you want to do on your patio should determine landscape design. Taking function into consideration is always crucial. In landscaping, it is also important to consider weather conditions for the area and the months of the year you can use the patio. Common sense dictates that you want to consider these practical matters before plunging ahead and creating a patio that does not work well for your family.

Some families like to eat outside and would love an outdoor kitchen. Other families want the focus on privacy and relaxation and would benefit more from a water feature or wildflower garden. Families with dogs that like to run through flower gardens will be forced to consider this as they plant, using fencing and elevated flower beds.

Patio Landscaping Ideas To Create Spaces Sure To Please Family and Friends

Consider Climate

While patios in the Deep South might focus on landscaping elements that provide shade for cooling off, a patio in cooler climates might focus instead on a fireplace to extend the time the family can enjoy being outdoors. Evergreen trees and shrubs can be used as barriers to cold winds or for privacy purposes. One of the most important things to remember when planting trees and shrubbery is that they will grow. Nothing wrecks a landscape design like a tree that takes over the entire patio.

Some Trees that Work Best for Patios are Crepe Myrtles, the Japanese Maple

Fern pine and the sweet bay. Depending on climate and other personal requirements, some or all of these might work. Some common facts to consider about these trees are that the common green-leaf species of the Japanese maple do better in sun and heat. If your patio is paved and tends to reach high temperatures, then it is best to choose the green-leaf Japanese maple over the ones with the more colorful leaves.

Crepe myrtle trees are also a wonderful choice for patio landscaping. You can prune them back and keep them small so that they don’t take over the entire space. They bloom in the fall and spring and are extremely colorful. Additionally, you can let them grow and become a shade tree if that is what you need.

Careful planning will keep this type of mistake from happening. By looking through a patio photo gallery, you can get some good ideas about how to group flowers so they enhance the space. Patio landscaping photos provide great ideas that many DIY designers need as they start the planning process.


Anyone can design the perfect patio experience if they keep function and climate in mind. Using a patio photo gallery is recommended. Patio landscaping photos can inspire anyone to open up to the many wonderful possibilities of a patio space.

Author Bio: For patio design ideas, check out the Patio Photo Gallery to seeĀ Patio Landscaping Photos sure to inspire.