Babies are naturally attractive to the entire world population for their sweet and cute behavior.  And this is one of the most important reasons why casting directors and modelling agencies willing to cast a toddler in television commercials and other shows. The preferences of little ones are gradually increasing as baby modelling tends to become more and more lucrative and competitive. If you found your toddler to be gorgeous and have that charm to attract a large number of audiences then it is the time to enroll your baby to any baby modelling agency.  If directors like your baby then soon you will see your baby appearing in TV commercials or magazine covers. But sometimes finding a proper agency for baby modelling can be a wild goose chase. Let us read further for evaluating the steps to finding a baby agency:

baby modelling

Online groups – Look for online communities in various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace etc. You can meet with several parents whose children are already a part of this industry. Be friend with them and ask them about your queries. They will be very eager to help you out. You will receive unbiased judgment and recommendations from them which can benefit you in the long run.

Library – Your local libraries can be a fruitful source of information. Pick up any reputed magazine and find out if they have any list to recommend. If you are staying in America then definitely look for the latest edition of “Ross Reports”. This magazine is issued monthly and provides detailed and current information about legitimate agents working in the entertainment industry. Although New York and Los Angeles is the home of most reputed agencies, you will also found information on small modelling agencies located on other cities. If you are unable to find one in the libraries, you can choose to go for monthly online subscriptions.

Approach – Once you find the list of agencies, send them a cover letter along with two or three photographs of your baby. Don’t use any form of make up to prepare your little one. Make it natural and don’t dress him or her with jewelleries. Don’t forget to mention these following things in the cover letter.

  • Contact information
  • You baby’s height
  • Weight
  •  size

The agency will call you if they are interested after judging the information you provided. Prepare a set of question that you need to ask to the agency like, their experience, do you need to make any advance payment, duration of the contract etc. Asking question will inform you about any hidden terms and conditions. These are among few important steps to finding a baby agency.

Decision – Don’t decide anything on spot. Take your time and do a bit of research. Ask about the agency in any baby modelling forums to get an answer.

Signing the contract – Once you finalise your decision, sign the contract. The contract can both be exclusive (you cannot sign with any other agency) and non exclusive. If you receive a positive feedback about the agency then you won’t have any problem signing an exclusive contract.