Pallet racking is a storage system that allows all types of materials to be stored in horizontal rows at numerous levels. There are a variety of pallet racking systems available. Each one is designed for a specific purpose. The type of pallet system used depends on the size and weight of the items to be stored and the available storage space.

Pallet Racking For Your Home

What is Pallet Racking?

The most common type of pallet racking is the selective pallet racking system which allows all products to be accessed at all times. There are two types of selective pallet racking, a roll formed or structural bolt-together formation. Roll formed selective racks have holes shaped like teardrops in the beams that support the pallets. The clips used to support the pallets can readily be moved to adjust the shelves to various heights. This is a very versatile system that accommodates a large number of product sizes.

Structural Pallets

Another type of selective pallet racking system is the structural pallet. It is also adjustable but the horizontal load beams are appended to the vertical with bolts, providing much greater load capacity. In some cases, structural pallet racking systems have been incorporated into the structure of the building, its vertical beams replacing the buildings support beams.

Driving Through

Drive through and drive in pallet racking systems allow forklifts direct access to stacked pallets. The drive in system has only one entry and exit to the pallets. The drive through has points of entry for the forklift at either end of the rows of pallets. Since there is only one point of entry, the drive in racking system uses the first in, first out (FIFO) system. Drive through racking may also use the FIFO system. Its two entry points make it easier since, as the pallets are loaded in, they are first to be taken out at the other end. This is a highly desirable system for items where shelf life is a concern.

Get Mobilized

Compact mobilized pallet racks support rows of pallet racks on a sturdy rolling carriage that travels along tracks placed on the floor. The ability to move the rows of pallet racks creates a moveable aisle. The rows of pallets are usually accessed by remote control. This opens up an aisle wherever needed. This system is designed to maximize floor space and can be an alternative to building additional storage facilities. Compact mobilized pallet racks can reduce needed storage space by one half.