While kitchens are the most important room for today’s buyers, it’s also the most expensive to update.

There are many reasons you might need to sell your home. But for the people buying it, it’s almost always just one reason… it’s their favorite house!

Look at it this way, the decision to purchase a home is a necessity. Choosing which house to buy is a subjective choice. Often, this choice simply boils down to which home looks the best. With that in mind, when selling your home, these are the top home improvement projects that will make your property appeal to the most buyers possible.

#1 Improve Your Curb Appeal

This one is important for two reasons. First, your home’s exterior is usually the first photo they see in any online listing. Then, it’s also their first impression of your property when they arrive for a showing. First impressions are huge!

Second, enhancing your home’s curb appeal is relatively inexpensive. It usually amounts to some spot cleaning, yard work and perhaps planting a few new shrubs. The return on investment for this project is gigantic. You’ll definitely want to tackle this one.

#2 Kitchen Update

The kitchen is currently the most important room in the house. Most buyers will value and updated kitchen above all else. The question is, “Does the cost to update the kitchen mean we’ll make that much more on the sale?”

The answer isn’t a definitive “yes” but most of the time it will be. You’ll need to get with a top real estate agent in your area to get the specifics on your situation. But it’s always worth checking out. Any time you remove a negative and replace it with a positive, you will realize a larger return.

#3 Fresh Paint

Another simple project that’s very affordable is fresh paint. Find those rooms that are in the greatest need of updating and hit those for sure. Use lighter paint colors will make spaces feel larger. Also, choose neutral tones to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers.

It’s an industry secret that the smell of new paint creates a subliminal message to visitors that this house has been updated. People like updated. Who doesn’t?  

#4 New Flooring

Most homeowners will not tackle flooring DIY projects, especially replacing the carpet. But these changes have a big impact on home buyers. Most of the time they aren’t as expensive as you might think.

We all become used to the way our own homes look and feel. Home buyers are hyper-critical so they’ll notice most every flaw. If you have replaced that stained carpeting with brand new, it’s worth the cost. Here are some additional home improvement tips that add value to your home.

#5 Bathroom Upgrades

Other than the kitchen, bathrooms are the other hot topic for house hunters. How do your bathrooms look? Is it time to invest in improving their functionality and appearance? If you haven’t updated your bathrooms in the past 10 years then it likely is. Even if it’s simply changing out the faucets and light fixtures, you’ll want to make those upgrades.

Buyers looking for their next home don’t want projects. And they don’t want to spend extra money. If you can give them a home that’s move-in ready then your chances for a quick sale at top dollar go straight up!