Oxford city is the city of stunning architecture, and it is completely true. There are some fine examples of the fine architecture of city such as Oxford University built in 30s and the Utilitarian built in 50s. Another thing which adds some more vibrant stars into the beauty of city is Oxford’s two rivers, the Thames and Cherwell. You can walk, cycle or boat beside the rivers and it gives a splendid experience. City is famous for some remarkable museums and art galleries. Spend your eve at some great movie places, and live shows. Also you can have a perfect dining at one of the famous restaurants of Oxford. If you like to drink then city has numerous places to make your spirit high. Let’s take a straight look of the places you can visit and the things to do in.


The Ashmolean Museum

Oxford city has a very great past and it is the best way to start with a museum if you want to know about the city. The Ashmolean Museum is Oxford’s very own British Museum and the most amazing thing about the place that it’s free to visit. The museum was founded in the year 1683 by Ashmole Eliasa and it was the Britain’s first museum. The place has a world class collection of art and archaeological objects. So, take out some time and head to the place.

Blenheim Palace

Feel the royal essence and visit historic home of the Churchill Dynasty in Oxford, the Blenheim Palace. There is lot to see in the premises of Blenheim Palace such as the Butterfly House, Blenheim Bygones, Secret Garden, Pleasure Garden and Marlborough Maze. This huge palace was built in 18th century by Churchill family and after sometime it was opened for public. So, enjoy the day at Blenheim Palace.

Sheldonian Theatre

Another budget place in Oxford city is Sheldonian Theatre which is one of the best theatres of the city, here you can easily spare your eve, and it’s worth a price. This theatre was designed by Sir Christopher Wren in 16th century. From the architectural point of view this theatre has wonderful buildings. So, take out some time and visit the Sheldonian Theatre.

All Souls College

All Souls College is situated on 14 High Street in Oxford and it’s free to access. Oxford city is renowned for the great architectural structure and this college is one of the Oxford’s architectural wonders. The magnificent building takes heart in a first look. On Sunday you can also visit some students of college and roam around the campus. It’s great to spend a day here.

Oxford Castle

Move to the Castle Street and you will reach to the Oxford Castle. This castle was built in the year 1071 by Norman Baron Robert. The structure is beautifully designed and every year thousands of tourists visit the place. Around the castle you would get all facilities for shopping, lodging and eating. So, have fun with your family at Oxford Castle.

All above mentioned are the major attractions of Oxford City. The city has been famous for the architectural style and structures, and really they deserve to be appreciated. So, plan your vacation and head straight to Oxford City, as it is calling you.