Who visits Rome and stays for only a day? Even if you are staying right in the heart of the city in a boutique design hotel, Rome’s attractions may take weeks, if not months, to visit and appreciate. But just in case your time is severely limited to twenty-four hours and you want to make the most of Rome’s artistic and cultural highlights, then here are some of the most important attractions.

A Day-Long Art Tour In Rome

Contemporary Art at MAXXI Museum

You would think that with the city’s huge number of museums that there would not be room for any more. But in 2010, the MAXXI Museum (the name roughly stands for ‘Museum of Art 21st Century’) became the latest addition to Rome’s cultural and artistic attractions. Conveniently located it is a good thing that it is easily accessible to any respectable design hotel. Rome’s leading current contemporary artists, as well as those of international renown, are regularly exhibited in the gallery. With a famous designer, Zaha Hadid, the MAXXI has received attention and praise for its efforts in providing much-needed exposure to the best contemporary artists, especially those of the avant-garde persuasion. The museum also features an extensive architectural archive featuring works from the twentieth century to the present day. If anything, MAXXI Museum, with its more modern perspective, provides a delightful contrast to the other existing museums in the city.

Thousands of Years of Art History

Of Rome’s legendary seven hills, the Campidoglio is the most important and the most sacred. Hence, the Capitoline Museums, located on the hill, are a treasure trove (even the phrase ‘treasure trove’ pales in comparison with what is actually found here) of immensely important collections of art works and cultural artefacts that have been accumulated in the past few thousands of years. Fortunately, the museums are easily accessible from any design hotel; Rome’s excellent transport system will help you get there on time and without any hitches. That is why if you are in the city for only a day, the Capitoline Museums should be among the very first places you should visit, especially if you are an art lover. Included in the collection are timeless works of art by artistic giants such as Titian, Caravaggio and Rubens.

Galleria Borghese

The Borghese Gallery can be reached easily from any good design hotel. Rome’s locals will only be more than happy to show you the directions to the Villa Borghese Park, upon whose grounds the gallery stands. This museum is one of the city’s foremost art centres and it houses and preserves a great number of the most important works of many classical sculptors. Creations by Bernini and Canova are featured here, as well as paintings by some of the most famous Renaissance artists including Raphael, Caravaggio and Correggio. Visiting the museum when you are on a limited time scale can be a bit tricky, as its administrators and curators limit the number of visitors allowed within the premises at any one time to only three hundred and sixty. If you happen to arrive at the museum as its hapless three hundred and sixty first visitor, then you may have to wait, and waiting is something you may not be able to afford. It is advisable to make an advanced reservation, or at least, make the Borghese Gallery your first destination in the day’s itinerary.