Whether you’re still jotting down plans in a spiral notebook or have started talking to an architect, planning out your dream home can be one of the most satisfying and exciting times in your life. After years of living in homes or apartments that others have designed, now is your chance to build a space to your own specifications! Here are some ideas to consider that may not have crossed your mind.

Creative, Built-In Storage

Unless you feel a need for that stuffy attic accessed by a rickety, pull-down ladder, get rid of it! The same can also be said for that dank corner of the basement reserved for molding Christmas ornaments and canned goods from the previous decade. Take advantage of wasted space in your living quarters. The space under stairs can be used for pull-out drawers or a series of cubbies for shoes or cleaning supplies. Think about installing hanging racks in the kitchen or in the bathroom to give you more storage without an endless sea of closets. If you like the old-world charm of built-in dressers in the closets, include them as well. Speak with Aurora home renovation specialists to see what other options are open to you.

4 Ideas For Home Design That You Haven't Thought Of

Features for Limited Mobility

Plenty of people fall in love with their dream homes and want to live in them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, many floor plans have too many changes in elevation to navigate with crutches, a walker or a wheelchair. Consider features like roll-in showers, wider stairs to accommodate a chair lift and a walk-in slant at one end of the pool. Even if you are many years from retirement age, an accident could make these features worthwhile decades ahead of time. Also take into consideration whether or not your elderly parents, aunts or uncles may come to live with you if needed.

Room to Grow and Retract

Young people may design their dream home under the assumption that their family will grow, only to discover the stork had other plans. Older couples may think their family is complete, only to have a wonderful surprise. When planning your house, consider all of the possibilities that may come up and plan to have space for everyone. Aurora custom home builders can help you design partitioned spaces to accommodate changes in occupancy without sacrificing the structural integrity of your house.

Consider Unusual Plans to Fit Your Life

If you work from home and spend a ton of time in your studio, don’t think you have to cram it into a spare bedroom with a view of the alleyway to make your plan ‘normal.’ For those who would rather have no dining room and a huge family room, don’t feel pressured to include dining if you’ll never use it. Let your lifestyle be your guide.

Planning your dream house can be an exciting time of your life. Really take the time to consider your future, current lifestyle and family size possibilities in order to make the best decisions possible.