Your house is listed for sale.  It looks beautiful inside and out. The realtor is confident that prospective buyers will be impressed with the home’s refreshed appearance. You wisely decided to hire a professional Victoria BC painter to paint your house.

The Trade-offs

Some homeowners choose to paint their homes.  But there are certain trade offs for the DIY plan.

  • Time:  do you have the time to paint your house?
  • Cost:  do you have all the appropriate equipment to do the job?
  • Taste:  do you have the skill to make color and finishing choices that will showcase your home?
  • Skill:  do you have the skills to do a professional paint job with quality results?

If you answer “yes” to all those trade-offs, then proceed with your painting.

One Beautifully Painted Home

The Plan

Instead, you decided the trade-offs weren’t worth the effort and you began your search for a professional Victoria BC painter.  You assessed the following:

  • The task: how much painting in/outside is to be done?  Are there vaulted ceilings, crown moldings, detailed exteriors, or restoration to be done?  (These aspects of the job need to be fully conveyed to all prospective paint contractors.)
  • The time frame:  when does the project need to be started and finished?
  • Preparation: what are the physical challenges to painting the interior and exterior of the house?

o   If the interior is to be painted, will you be responsible for moving the furniture so the painters have easy access or will the paint crew do the moving?

o   If the exterior is to be painted, what will the painters require in terms of clearance between plants and exterior areas to be painted?

Finding the Perfect House Painter

Choosing from the number of excellent painters Victoria was a fairly straightforward.  You had prepared a list of questions to ask each prospective contractor:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have the required licenses, insurance, and bonding?
  • Can you provide at least three current references?
  • Will you do the work yourself, or subcontract it?
  • What written guarantees will you provide?
  • What products do you use for both interior and exterior projects?

The Final Steps

Working through your check list, the questions were answered and you completed a thorough references check.  The painter’s contract included all the details of the job including, time frames, paint selections, preparation and cleanup details, guarantees, and terms of payment.  You carefully reviewed and signed the contract.

You made a wise decision to entrust such a major project to professionals. House painting can create a bit of upheaval but when the job is well done by painters Victoria specialists, the house seems to almost glow with freshness and welcome.