Caring for an old dog is about more than teaching your friend new tricks. You must help your dog live a healthy life even though they are not as active as they once were. This article suggests five ways to care for an elderly dog that will improve their quality of life. Each suggestion is a change in your own lifestyle that may make having a dog more fun.

Old Dog, New Tricks - 5 Ways To Properly Care For Your Elderly Friend

Keep Taking Walks

Many owners of elderly dogs stop taking walks with their canine friends because of the strain on the dog. You should consider shortening your walks with your dog rather than eliminating them. Dogs want to get out and run around. They may not run as much as they once did, but they still want to get some fresh air. Take just one walk around the block with you dog, or you may move your outdoor activity to the backyard.

Adult Dog Food

There are adult dogs foods made just for your elderly pets. These foods are much easier on the stomachs of older dogs, and dogs can chew them with ease. This is a change that automatically improves the diet of your dog without increasing your food budget.

Cut Out the Scraps

Dogs love to eat scraps from the table, but an elderly dog’s digestive system is simply not equipped to digest this food. You must stop your dog from eating scraps off the table as soon as you can. Keeping your dog on a more restrictive diet will lengthen their life.

Use a Modern Water Bowl

Dogs are more likely to drink water from a special filtered bowl that you can purchase at any pet store. These bowls use a charcoal filter and a battery to constantly filter the water. This filtered water tastes better for dogs, and the water is better for their kidneys. Your dog’s lifespan will increase just through the drinking of cleaner water.

Go Back To the Vet

Your vet can prevent small problems from becoming big problems if you’re going to your yearly appointments. Many dog owners avoid the vet if their dogs live indoors. This is unwise because your dog could develop a health condition at any time. A veterinarian, like those at Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital, knows what to look for, and you can head off serious health issues early on.

Taking care of an elderly dog is simple. Follow the suggestions in this article to keep your dog healthy for many more years in the future, and do not be afraid to make lifestyle changes that help your dog live a happier life.