As technology continues to be enhanced in almost every industry, your dental health care is improving too. As more and more dental professionals are upgrading their existing equipment to more efficient technology, their patients are seeing some amazing benefits. Here are just a few of the many new technologies that are improving the dental care that you receive.

3D Printing

While 3D printing technology itself isn’t quite new, having existed since the 80s, for many years, it was only really used in the manufacturing field. However, in the last decade or so, it has become popular in the medical field.

While 3D printing gets a lot of attention for advancement made in prosthesis, it has quickly become very useful in the dental industry as well. Dental professionals been employing 3D printing to help render accurate models of patients’ mouths. Its main uses are for crafting molds of dental bridges and crowns.

3D Intraoral Scanning

If you’ve ever needed dental equipment like a retainer or a crown, then you are probably familiar with the old molding process. It required making a plaster cast of the teeth to be fixed. The materials taste bad and the process could be uncomfortable for some. Now, the best orthodontist can easily use 3D intraoral scanning to quickly and effectively get digital dental impressions of your mouth without bothering with a physical mold. Your orthodontist will scan your teeth with a wand, and the computer will render a 3D image of your mouth. This allows for easy sending of dental impressions to labs to make things like retainers, crowns, and dental bridges.

Advanced Dental Turbines

This turbine can go by a variety of names including a dental hand-held, hand-piece, and a drill. It’s employed regularly by a dentist to polish fillings, remove decay, and alter prostheses. New technology allows for quicker turbines that can lower patient anxiety while providing more versatility for the dentist. These advanced turbines allow for better tip cooling which keeps the tip from overheating and burning the patient’s gums. It also has more protective coverings to prevent debris from entering the turbine and contaminating it.

Mobile Dental Photography

Not all regions of the world have access to easy dental care. In these regions, dental professionals can travel to provide dental healthcare to various villages. Mobile dental photography is enhancing the amount of dental care that is being provided for individuals. With the simple purchase of an attachment, any smartphone can be upgraded to a full dental photography studio. This way, dental imaging can be done in any environment where a smartphone is present.

There is no lack of new technology when it comes to the dental healthcare industry. Rather, there are many options that today’s dental health professionals have to enhance the experience that they provide for you. The above are just four of the most used new technologies out there in the dental field.