The overwhelming days after you purchase your first home can be difficult. The fact that you need to move in, set up utilities, change your address, and various other busywork that comes with your new home can be a pain. There are ways to make this easier, however. Calmly sitting down and deciding what is best for your new home takes a bit of research and thought, but it is not the end of the world. If you are a new homeowner, here are four reasons you should choose a carport over a standard garage.


A standard garage is good for one thing and one thing alone—storing your vehicle, appliances, or other items. You don’t find too many people hanging out in garages, having BBQs. With a carport, you can use your vehicle storage area as a gathering area for friends, a place to wait during the rain, or other uses that do not simply involving storing cars and goods.


Until you decide to build a garage, you have no idea how expensive it can be. A better tactic to save money on construction and maintenance costs is to build a carport. Since it does not need to be enclosed, the land and construction costs are significantly cheaper than a standard garage.

Ease of Mobility

Once a garage is built, it is staying in that place unless you invest a ton of sweat and effort to move it. Knocking down your garage or attempting to move it to a new location is a herculean task—doing so with a carport is a much simpler process. Simply remove the bolts from the support structure and use machinery or a group of people to move the carport to the new location.

Enhance Home Value

One of the things appraisers look for when determining the value of a home is the exterior storage areas, like a garage. Carports are seen as desirable by many, especially those who live in areas with more temperate climates. The appraiser will calculate the value of a carport and add it to the value of your home, and in certain cases it has the ability to dramatically increase the value of your home.

Garages are fine, but they are not great for every person and every situation. There are many reasons why new homeowners would choose a carport. Different situations call for different structures, but a carport is almost always a good bet for a home.