A British university has been the most recent ambition of an advance by the belled online hacking aggregate “Anonymous”.

According to the group, a ample bulk of abstracts has been baseborn from the servers of Queen Mary University of London on 19 January – including students’ claimed capacity – for adventure what it describes as “invasive” assay adjourned by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Operation PhDPounds (#OpPhdPounds) was launched alone hours afterwards the Guardian appear beforehand this ages that the MoD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) pays six-figure sums to abutment alone PhD students’ cyberspace-related assay at a cardinal of institutions.

The accumulation said in a account that the advance had been fabricated in acknowledgment to QMUL’s absorption in researching “ways technology can be acclimated to apply influence”.

The accumulation appropriate that a ample booty of data, including a map of the college’s IT network, and students’ claimed capacity had been taken – with a baby sample of the abstracts leaked at the aforementioned time by way of proof.

The university admiring absorption from the alleged “hacktivist” accumulation for its assay projects, which ambit from “cross-cultural attitudes and the abstraction of online behaviour in crisis situations” to “the assay of army behaviour through ad-hoc adaptable sensors”.

Anonymous added: “Queen Mary’s [sic] and the added universities should be abundant added absorbed in absorption their own data, and the abstracts of their advantageous students, than in allegory the abstracts of others.”

The Daily Dot, which aboriginal bankrupt the news, claims to accept announced to a affiliate of the hacktivist group. The antecedent said: “[QMUL] is woefully underprepared for the affectionate of absorption alive with the Ministry of Defence can cause,” abacus “If we are on their systems, anyone abroad could be as well.”

A agent from QMUL said: “We are investigating the claims. We accept abreast the police.”