When going to a trade show, it’s important to have a good game plan. A successful trade show can bring in thousands of dollars in new business from customers, making it one of the most important marketing avenues for any business.

How To Stand Out At Trade Shows

The key to success is knowing how to market one’s business to visitors, and there are many ways to do so that produce tangible results.

It’s All In The Booth

First and foremost is the booth. Most booths at trade shows are 10×10, with many shows offering exhibitors two or three booth spaces depending upon the show. Be sure you’ve arranged for everything to arrive in plenty of time, so you can set it up exactly as you want while having plenty of time to do so.

Even if your company has lots of products and information to show, the booth should not be confusing and overwhelming to potential customers. Keeping the display simple and straightforward will make the space inviting to customers, drawing them in to ask questions and view your products.

To set your space apart from others, add some color and catchy slogans that will catch people’s eyes and stay in their minds.

Play Your Cards Right

Business cards are also a necessity at trade shows. Very inexpensive to purchase, these cards can be a gold mine when it comes to marketing a business. Handing these out to everyone that stops by the booth can pay dividends for years to come.

Most people tend to hang on to business cards for many years, often carrying them in wallets or purses or putting them on a bulletin board or on a desk. Business cards can be as plain or elaborate as you wish, but generally ones that have pertinent information with some color or design on them tend to be best remembered.

Business cards are great places to put a slogan for the business, because people will see it and usually remember it fondly if they had a good experience at your booth.

Give It Away Now

One of the best ways to market yourself at a trade show is by giving away free samples. These can be small items such as flashlights or ink pens, or bigger items such as calendars and hats or shirts. Whatever is given away, it’s a sure thing that people will like your booth.

Marketing experts everywhere agree people love bargains, and what better bargain than to get something for nothing. By spending a few dollars to purchase samples, you build up immediate goodwill with customers and have created an opening to talk about why you are the best option for them.

Other items that can prove useful in marketing at trade shows are flyers, brochures and catalogs. All of these items have your company name on them, and are great ways to show customers what they are getting by doing business with you.

Customers who can look through a catalog or read a brochure are opening the door to let you talk about your business, giving you a chance to prove why they need you and your products.

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