There are so many moments in a child’s life that moms want to be able to look back on. Unfortunately, mommy brain can hinder the memory of those moments. That’s why photography has become such a significant part of life for mother’s everywhere. Cool technology continues to arise to help mom’s capture all of those precious moments of their child’s life.

The Coolest Innovations In Cameras For Mommy Photographers To Try

Silicone GoPro Cases

Kids love cameras just as much as moms do. Sadly, they are not as careful with technology and more capable of breaking any type of device. If you’re the type of parent who likes to use GoPro cameras, then a silicone cover is the best way to protect it from little hands. It can also give moms a little peace of mind if they want to let their young ones explore the world of photography too.

Bobine iPhone Charger and Tripod

Most moms don’t carry their digital cameras around all of the time. Instead, they use their smartphone cameras. Smartphone cameras are fine until mom realizes they are all at the perfect spot, all the kids are happy, and she really just wants to capture the entire group. The Bobine iPhone Charger and Tripod allows the user to prop their phone up for the perfect family picture anywhere, while also functioning as a phone charger in their vehicle. At only 5 oz, it’s perfect to keep in the car, diaper bag, or even a purse.

Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras, like ones sold at Infrared Cameras Inc. and other specialty stores, are a useful tool that moms can use to care for their children in a very creative way that most people have probably never thought to do before. Did you know that you could use them to detect whether or not your child is lying? Typically, an infrared picture shows heat around the mouth and nose when someone is lying. This would be great for helping you discover who keeps stealing chocolate out of the pantry and lying about it. Other than that, though, you can use it various fun ways with your kids too! One way would be to take it outside to spot wildlife that might be hidden.

Smartphone Camera Lenses

For the artsy mom, smartphone lenses are a wonderful way to get that DSLR look without the DSLR. These clip-on lenses allow moms to experiment with pictures of their kids using a fish-eye lens or take shots of their kids on field trips to special places with a wide angle lens. Smartphone camera lenses enhance the photos taken by your smartphone by making better use of the light that is available.

Key Chain Camera

When moms don’t even have their smartphone handy, a key chain camera can fill in the gaps. Most key chain cameras are not going to have any fancy options or even take video but what they are best at is being available when you need it! Sometimes there just isn’t time to be fumbling around for your phone or your DSLR to capture what is right in front of you that might go away in an instant.

There are so many fun tools out there that can help mommy photographers everywhere to better capture the moments of their children’s lives! If you’re looking to get better and more skilled, then you should pick at least one of the above innovations and practice using them over the next month or two.