Moving is a stressful time whether you are moving across the street or across the country. The fact that you have to put all of your belongings into boxes and then have to be able to find exactly what you need quickly can fill you with dread. In fact, you may be too mentally frozen over this ordeal to even begin. If you are filled with stress and are feeling a bit out-of-control with your upcoming move, follow these five tips to get your stress under control while also feeling organized.


As soon as you know that you will have to move, you should begin your planning even if it is months into the future. Start early by making lists of companies with whom you will need to change your address. You can also use this extra time for gathering free packing supplies, such as newspapers from friends, and boxes from your local grocery store.

Keep Important Items Separate

As you start organizing your belongings in preparation for packing, watch out for certain items that you will need to keep out. For example, certain documents should remain in your possession at all times, such as your social security card and marriage license. Other things that you may want to leave out include cleaning supplies, clothes that fit your new climate, and some cooking supplies.

Hire Professional Help

When you simply do not have the time or the physical or mental energy to do it all yourself, there is nothing bad about hiring a professional moving company. Professional movers, like those at Wheaton World Wide Moving, can help you move boxes and furniture on moving day. However, they can also help you pack and may even be able to do a better job than you can with the right sizes of boxes.


Do yourself a favor before you or a professional starts to pack, and get rid of all of the items that you never use, dislike or are merely hanging onto out of guilt. Decluttering can help you get rid of well over a quarter of your belongings if you are honest with yourself and can make your new home look calm and simple once you unpack.

Do Something for Yourself

Despite your busyness in this season, it is important to take enough time for self-care. Take a bubble bath, or schedule an hour for reading a new book in the evening. If your home is simply too stressful for relaxation, head to a coffee shop or go out for dinner with a friend.

As far as major life events go, a big move is among the top contenders. However, you can significantly decrease your stress by planning ahead, staying organized and knowing when to ask for help. Also, be sure to care for your own needs throughout this time because your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing depend on this.