When it comes to major or minor collisions in our roads, people tend to blame each other. It is thus of important to know the mistakes that drivers do while driving their cars in order to avoid them.

The following are the most common mistakes that drivers do while driving their cars.

Most Common Mistakes That People Do While Driving Cars

· You think you are paying enough attention to the road but you are not- this may be as a result of distracted driving and cell phone use while driving. Many people think they are in the clear because they are wearing a headset but experts agree that even if you are not using your hands to hold your phone or texting, you are endangering your life and those of others.

· Focusing on the wrong part of the road- it mostly happens when you are driving in unfamiliar territory. Instead o focusing on the road ahead of them, many people tend to look at road signs and other exit numbers in the distance and this may lead to swerving out of lane and can be very dangerous. Others look at their maps while driving and this can be dangerous. It is better to pull over to the road side if you don’t have a passenger helping you to look at the map.

· Failure to adjust your driving during rainy conditions– this happens when people fail to reduce the car speed when it starts raining. This can be dangerous because when it rains the road becomes very slick.

· Applying much pressure to brake– pedals and the gas- experts agree the more smoothly you brake and accelerate, the longer miles your gas will go. If you are stopping for about two or more minutes, turn off your car and restarting it won’t waste more fuel.

· Not prepared for vehicle maintenance- you should regularly take your car for maintenance check-ups for longer services.

· Not using the turn signals– people tend not to use the turn signals and this leads to frequent automobile clashes.

· Tailgating other cars- if you want to be ahead of other cars, it is recommended you start your journey a little earlier and you will have avoided dangerous incidences on the road.

· Forgetting that you are using the road with other lot of traffic– this may include pedestrians, animals and bikes. You should always be at the look out of other traffic.

· Driving in the rain while your wipers are on but your headlights are off- this is so dangerous because it reduces the visibility for you and for other drivers.

· Not knowing how or when to pass someone safely- some drivers will try to pass another car where there is solid yellow line. Pass where there are dashed yellow lines and there is no oncoming traffic.

· Taking too long before you check your tires

· Thinking your4- wheel drive will make you invincible.

· Following other vehicles too closely

· And the most common mistake is driving too fast.

For the drivers in United Kingdom- UK- you need UK driving licence while driving on the roads. Visit www.gov.uk for more information and how you can apply for UK driving licence for safe driving on the roads.