Custom converting die cutting require that the company have special equipment and special people that are properly trained in the art of custom converting, which allows for the creation of some of the most difficult and sophisticated applications imaginable.

A manufacturer that offers custom converting die cutting has the ability to fill the most difficult die cutting, steel rule die cutting, rotary die cutting, matched metal die cutting, and flat bed die cutting orders, as well as handle any assembly, material, and intellectual property needs. Custom converting means flexibility that allows for complete turnkey services.

Die Cutting

When searching out such services the key is to ensure that you get what you think you assume you will get in order to avoid disappointment. The way to do this is to do your research before hiring a manufacture. Make sure you have all your questions answered and that you have seen examples of projects completed for other clients. A mistake in choosing the wrong manufacturer is dangerous to your company. Not only can it cost you unbelievable amounts of money, it can actually risk your company’s success.

Custom converting often involves high specialized industries like the aerospace, military, and medical industries. These industries often require very specialized services that are not available with standard die cutting. It is extremely advantageous to find a team of specialists that are creative and able to think outside the box. These specialized individuals should be extremely knowledgeable in materials and processes and therefore should be able to deliver even the most difficult order to you.

Die cutting is in high demand as our modern world grows and expands, and as we become more technological and sophisticated we demand more custom applications that require specialized skill sets that are somewhat more difficult to find. It is imperative that you meet with the manufacturing team to discuss what it is you need and your vision of what that might look like and compare that to the team’s vision and ensure that you are have the same custom creation in mind. You want an engineering team that works closely with their clients at every step of the process to ensure that the end result is exactly what is needed. In that way you won’t be disappointed, you won’t be wasting your money, and you won’t be faced with wasted downtime that can be critical to the success of a project.

clean room die cutting
clean room die cutting

For example, if the military is waiting on a specific project that the manufacturer is creating and the completion of a mission depends on this, then should the manufacturer either not complete the project as expected or on time that could result in the failure of the military mission. That’s why it is so important to hire a manufacturer that you are can openly dialogue with and that has a reputation for completing projects on the timeline that has been agreed upon. A project that is not completed on the anticipated time frame can have serious consequences.

You should also consider the volume at which the manufacturer can produce. This is especially important if high volume is important to your project. If the facility you hire can’t produce at levels that are adequate to your needs this cannot only be a real source of frustration, but it can also result in causing an entire project to fall behind. It can also result in additional costs or lost revenue. It’s important to research the manufacturers you are considering. In fact, if you want to know which manufacturers excel in custom converting ask the major material manufacturers – they will tell you.  There really are only a handful of manufacturers that excel in this are of die cutting.

Difficult, hard to create pieces are not like typical die cut orders. These are demanding projects from some of the world’s most demanding industries. These are projects with no room for error because it is quite likely that lives will depend on their performance. There is not only no room for error in the production of these products but the materials must always be of the highest quality to ensure reliability.

Therefore, the manufacturer you are looking to employ should have developed protocols, quality processes, and systems that are extensive with superior attention to detail so that you do not have to be concerned about the outcome, because you are confident that there are adequate balances and checks in the process to ensure the expected outcome.

Die cutting and multi layer laminating are high in demand. Custom converting is that next level and demand for custom needs continues to grow and science and technology continue to expand ideas into working products that need to be manufactured, but require more than what standard die cutting offers. This is often not just in production but also in material selection as well to ensure the best product for the best cost. It’s complex and often requires the aid of engineering experts, which when on-site at the manufacturing plant tend to make things flow smoother, than having to bring in engineering experts from outside the manufacturing facility.

A top quality manufacturer will be able to meet all your manufacturing needs whether that entails multi layer laminating, laser cutting, die cutting, rotary die cutting, matched metal die cutting, CNC cutting, rapid prototyping, steel rule die cutting, assembly or packaging. Look for total solutions in one location – it is more cost effective and it certainly streamlines your entire production.

It is advisable to first meet with the appropriate staff from the manufacturer to discuss your needs. From there, prior to moving on to the next phase of your project you should make sure that you obtain a quote so that there are no surprises pertaining to your current production needs. Whether your production project is big or small if you need custom die cutting seek out a highly skilled manufacturer to ensure that you get the final product that meets your expectations and your needs.