Immigration to the other parts of the world is now not that easy as it was before, like a decade ago. As many people have immigrated to US specifically, the most difficult is to get a visa for immigration to US these days. There are many factors involved, and then there are eligibility criteria as well. The diversity visa has to be granted to a person only when he/she fulfills the required set of rules to be followed. Every year the criteria may change and refer to as the diversity visa-year. For example, dv-2016 means the diversity visa 2016.

Full Guide To The Diversity Visa For US

DV Eligibility Criteria

For the eligibility criteria, please read the following:

1) A person, who wants to immigrate to US, should first have the high school completed. If not, then the number of years involved has to be completed in the form of experience at an organization.

2) The person who wants to apply should not have any kind of criminal record. The police have to justify for it and then there is also the embassy that has to clear the name of the person applying for the visa. There are 50,000 and more people every year that are granted US immigration visa and that is not at all a small number. To know if the right person is going to the US, the proper background check is necessary.

3) The person in question should have a clear medical history. If she or he is suffering from a disease that is communicable, then that person is not allowed for an immigration visa.

4) Those who have applied for a visa on a single traveler basis cannot take their family with them. If you are single, and have applied for one visa application, only you will be able to immigrate provided you meet the specific criteria of eligibility defined.

5) Those who wish to immigrate with their families, have to make sure that the family members are eligible individually.

6) A person who marries another one just because he/she wants to get a diversity visa will not be able to get it and the person involved will also get his or her visa rejected,

Why is it that the DV for the 2016 is nowadays called in to be very famous? This is because the registration process of the 215 program started in October 2013. It takes almost two years for a person to get eligible and to be properly registered for this immigration program. There are many steps to be passed and many areas to be cleared. One thing to note is that there is an interview that has to be cleared after all the eligibility criteria is cleared. If that interview is failed, you will not be able o get the visa and hence a rejection on your visa will not be a future good sign. That is why, help is necessary when you really want to clear out the interview. Here are some tips that can be followed for easy going at the interview:

Interview Tips for Diversity Visa

Following can be helpful:

1) Never Delay your Interview

If there is a set date for your interview, then it is better that you avail hat time and date and do not try to reschedule it. Every year almost 50,000 people get their immigration finalized for US and if you reschedule, someone will get your seat and your chances of getting in will become less. The best time to schedule your interview is in the time of Oct-Nov as this is the time in which the possibility of the interview and success rate in that is very high.

2) Take in All your Required Documents in the Interview

This way if you are asked about something, you are able to provide the documents with proof. If you do not have the documents at display, then there are no bright chances, because every single mistake will count.

3) Before you go for the Interview

It is better that you have a good idea of the sections under which the jurisdictions for the DV reside. There are some sections that you should have an idea of, like for example, which letter is necessary at which point in time and what kind of application will be required at what step.

For more details, it is easier for you if you visit the US consulate in your country or talk to someone who has already had an immigration done. This way it will be a guiding line for you to get the immigration done easily and get your visa in no time.