If ever you are in a situation where you must make an injury claim make sure you approach the situation systematically. There are many aspects to making an injury claim that may blindside you if you fail to advance appropriately. Making the smallest mistake when making an injury claim may have a dramatic affect so be cautious and invest in some insightful tips to make sure your injury claim sails smoothly.

Mistakes To Avoid When You’re Making An Injury Claim

Medical Attention

Yes, time is of the essence you want to make a claim immediately, however the only immediate thing you should do is to see out medical attention. Properly address your issues with a medical professional in order to really explain what injuries you may have suffered in your accident. Failing to seek medical attention also has its consequences and can reduce recovery compensation. The terminology is ‘mitigating your losses.’ This ensures that you are taking action on your own to not cause further injuries.


  • File a police report– Make sure you that everyone involved is accounted for in a documented police report the report will be used to validate that an accident did occur and will help you in a lawsuit.
  • Costs and expenses- Keep track of all your costs and expense related to property damage and your insurance records. This includes lost wages if you are not receiving workers compensation.
  • Evidence- If applicable, and if you have a camera available it is advised to take pictures of the accident right after the accident happens. The more evidence presented the better your case. Evidence provides the following: an understanding of the cause of the accident, and the cause of the injury as well as the severity of the accident, and the severity of the injury.

Due to statute of limitations you have a deadline to file your legal claim after this open window closes it may be too late to file your claim. It is very important to visit a personal injury law firm’s address or to speak to a lawyer ‘directly’ via email or over the phone after an accident occurs. Even if you are not ready to file, you can get the ball moving and be better off for. You may even come across a free consultation with a company such as Futerman Partners Ltd. of the Toronto area. When you are on the prowl for justice, the beneficial irony is that only good or greater good will follow.

Undergoing a personal injury can be intense, scary, and disorienting so it is good to know beforehand how to proceed. Knowledge is power, and having the right tips at hand will help you to stay calm among chaos. After the injury claim, there is a bit of a waiting period and a lot of paperwork to process. We wouldn’t want you to stress anything during this time, in the meantime, look into coping with stress after a traumatic event to prevent developing post-traumatic stress disorder. The term refers to a stressful reaction due to encountering an event that alters your perception and heightens your fear. The right personal injury law firm may also have a contact sheet of professional consultants that can get you over this hump while they take care of your law suit. Your accountable for many aspects of the process, however, help is available in so many ways.