If you are currently in the military or you are thinking about joining one of the branches soon, you understandably may be thinking ahead to life after serving your country. Many aspects of a military career can prepare you for a job in the civilian sector. Understanding what these skills and experiences are can help you to make an easier transition to a successful career outside the military.

Leadership and Management Skills

Many military personnel receive leadership and management training through their assigned duties. More than that, many have developed incredible leadership skills and can effectively manage groups in stressful situations. Proven leadership and management skills are desirable to many employers. As you update your resume and prepare for life in the civilian sector, ensure that you describe any leadership or management skills and experiences that you bring to the table.

Relevant Skills to the Civilian Sector

Each role in the military has different duties and responsibilities. Some skills that you may have developed in your military career may be much more relevant to the private sector than others. For example, if you gained experience in the military providing healthcare services, working on aircraft, assisting clients with military legal cases and more, you may have experiences that employers consider to be on-the-job experience. Any on-the-job experience that you bring to the table may make you a more desirable candidate. Think about your skills and military experiences that may be relevant to the specific type of civilian job that you are interested in applying for.

A Related Degree

Some people enter the military with a college degree, but others opt to enlist before obtaining a degree. If you fall into the latter group, consider earning a degree through an online university for military personnel. By attending an online university, you can work toward your degree and receive a diploma while you are serving the country. A college degree in a relevant area of study can combine with your military skills and experiences to make you a highly-desirable job applicant.

Many employers view former military applicants in a positive light. The military often instills responsibility, discipline, and character into its personnel, and hiring managers find these traits desirable. However, in order to land a great job in the private sector, you also must have relevant skills, experiences, and education related to the position that you are applying for. Understanding what employers are looking for and updating your resume accordingly may help you to gain attention from hiring managers.