Performance cars have always been a popular choice among car lovers simply because of the entire package it offers. Some of the most loved muscle cars have achieved cult status in the automobile history and Ford Mustang is an example of the same. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the most sought after performance cars to have come out in recent times. So, without wasting any more time let us get started.

1. Ford Mustang V8

We start with the ultimate boy toy by the name of Ford Mustang. There are various variants of the Mustang including the V8 or GT. Irrespective of the variant the price tag associated with all is quite high but customers can get pre owned Mustang GT for a much more economical price that eases the burden on their wallets. The Mustang V8 is heavy on the engine featuring a powerful 4951cc Ti-VCT V Type engine that has a 5 litre capacity and garners 8 cylinders of 4 valves each. That is some serious power which means that the results are going to be powerful as well and the V8 does not disappoint churning out 395bhp power at 6500rpm and 515Nm torque at 4250rpm.

2. Nissan GT-R

Next up is the fire ball called Nissan GT-R. This is another performance car that does not need much introduction and holds a heavyweight engine underneath. With stunning design and sharp alloy wheels, the Nissan GT-R has more than its looks featuring a powerful engine that has a displacement of 3798cc garnering a 6 cylinder engine with four valves each. The engine gives out 561bhp power at 6800rpm and twists away 637Nm torque at 3200rpm. Synched with a 6 speed automatic transmission system, the GT-R is quite steady on roads even at high speed. This another expensive car but customers can get second hand cars including a Mustang GT.

3. DC Avanti

Number 3 is the home-grown DC Avanti that has always been a special car for the simple reason of how the car looks. This is literally a supercar out of your posters and it does not cost that much either. The DC Avanti comes in with super looks including an aerodynamic design that keeps the car steady and stable at high pace. Inside the car features a 2 litre 16V petrol engine that is loaded with a displacement of 1998cc. The engine gives away 250bhp power at 5500rpm and 340Nm torque at 2750 to 5000rpm. In a span of 6 seconds, the DC Avanti can go from 0 to 100kmph which is phenomenal. Top speed for the car is 200kmph. The supercar has a 6 speed manual transmission system with a rear wheel drive setup.

4. Audi TT

You cannot finish a list of automobiles without including Audi. The Audi TT is number four on our list of performance cars and is rather more conventional in its design. The design of the car is simple yet elegant while the engine is not that bland. Under the hood the Audi TT comes loaded with a 2 litre 16V Petrol engine that has a displacement of 1984cc and works with four cylinders. Each cylinder has four valves. The In-line petrol engine is quite capable and gives out 226.6bhp power at 4500 to 6200rpm and 370Nm torque at 1600 to 4300rpm. The engine works in tune with a 6 speed automatic transmission system that has an all wheel drive setup. We have seen that all the performance cars have been quick and Audi TT is no different as it reaches the 100kmph barrier from a standstill in just 5.3 seconds. Top speed for the car is 250kmph.