The Microsoft MCSA certification is also known as Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator certification. It is one of the most-sought after and most recognized credentials that were launched in 2002. Likewise, this certification is a mid-level offered to qualified IT professionals who have 12 months working experience involved with desktop operating systems and network infrastructure as well as network operating systems. Thus, it is suitable for those who want to administer and maintain an existing network. This is the opposite of the MCSE certification.

Due to the popularity of MCSA certification, Microsoft designed different tracks of MCSA that candidate can choose from. One of those is the MCSA: SQL Server Solutions Associate that requires interested professionals to have knowledge and skills in SQL language. This certification will give you the necessary skills and insights in developing as well as maintaining the critical environments of SQL Server. It is also a prerequisite of earning the MCSE: Data Platform certification.

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To obtain this certification, the candidate should determine which version of SQL Server he should choose. In this way, he can focus on a specific course appropriate to the certification chosen. If you want to obtain this certification you should pass the certification exam for MCSA SQL 2012. This cloud-ready information platform helps organizations to unlock breakthrough insights and build solutions in extending data across public cloud and on-premises supported by mission critical confidence.

This is not an easy certification exam to pass as there are several pre-requisite exams to pass prior to taking the MCSA: SQL Server Solution Associate certification. That is why it is necessary to have enough preparation before taking the examination. There are different methods of preparation and you should choose the one that would guarantee a high rate of passing the exam. Likewise, there are institutions and organizations helping candidates in preparing for the test.

One of the options that you can choose in preparing for the test is attending an Instructor-led training. Many candidates prefer this option because it creates a learning experience that is personalized as you can repeat or advance in the lectures. Likewise, the candidate can also take advantage with the hands-on training. This is a very flexible option as you can make it 24/7.

As much as possible, you should use coursework that includes visual presentations and instructor-led demonstrations. It is a great help for students in developing their skills on the real world scenarios. In addition, it is also necessary to take exam simulators that are more effective as compared to the traditional exam preps. The advantage about using exam simulators is that the candidate can obtain feedback on how he is doing in the practice test. Likewise, the exam simulator should be in time-format just like the live examination.

Indeed, the MCSA: SQL Server Solution Associate certification is a valuable credential that you can add to your profile. That is why it is important to prepare a lot in order to ensure passing the certification exam and gain the certificate. In this way you can find a better and higher-paying job in the IT industry.