While some individuals may scoff at the idea of massage therapy for scar tissue, there is an established body of studies, and actual results, that shows scar tissue healing, or its symptoms alleviated, from Victoria massage therapy.

In an oft cited article, almost a dozen studies have shown that massage therapy for scar tissue is beneficial. The best results and benefits were had when massage therapy was begun soon after the development of scar tissue. Treatments ranged from twice daily 10-minute massages to 30-minute twice weekly massages.  Cases included in the study range from post-surgical scars, injuries, and burn scars.

It should be noted that the results varied widely due to differing procedures, methodologies, and skill sets. While best results were observed in starting massage therapy soon after scar tissue begins to, or has, formed, clinical observable improvements were seen even after several months had passed before starting treatment.

It’s also important to know that the type of scar tissue is a significant factor in the efficacy of massage therapy for scar tissue. In the quoted study, surgical scars responded best, while burn scars had the least improvements. This is not to say that massage therapy for burn scars is ineffective. In another study, burn patients who received massage therapy on their scar tissue reported reduced itching and pain during and after the therapy course. In addition, the researchers noted that the patients who received the therapy had noticeably improved moods and markedly reduced anxiety. The benefits weren’t just physical, but also emotional and psychological.

Again, the time that had passed before starting massage therapy was a factor in the success of the massage therapy regimen.

Interestingly, there are reports where internal scar tissue symptoms were alleviated by massage therapy. In this particular case, a patient who seemed to have breathing difficulty due to internal adhesions reported easier breathing after massage therapy on the affected area. Even the pain that would occur when taking deep breaths were significantly diminished.

Evidently, massage therapy for scar tissue works. It is heartening to note that even some insurance companies now provide cover for massage therapy. However, as the studies indicate, not all methodologies are consistent in their results. Entrust you physical and emotional well-being to established and reputable clinics who have it in their mission to look out for you.