Be it a small business or a big one, the need to market yourself and your product or service is always crucial. But when it comes to marketing there are hundreds of different ideas that come to the mind. However, the dilemma is which one will be effective enough to gain you the highest ROI (returns on investment). We know there are different kinds of business depending on their scale, some small and some big and each one of them have their own limitations in terms of money. Big business can spend huge money to promote themselves and there to keep their business success in the continuum. Though, a small business may not have capital as the luxury to spend on big marketing tactics. Thus, in order to promote themselves, they take economic measures which are fairly effective.

Marketing your business using custom brand t-shirts

Talking about economical marketing solution, there are one marketing tactics which are underrated but over the years, whoever has used this tactic has gained enough from it: business marketing using custom t-shirts. Yes, t-shirts! Giving away custom t-shirts with your brand logo printed on it is a great and economical way to market yourself and your brand.

Why is it better?

People like free t-shirts and I’m not presuming it, it’s totally true. According to Sujan Patel, a marketing expert based in the US who used t-shirts to market his business says, “Giving away free t-shirts made me over 500k revenue”. Now, this was for his own company which he sold later. But, again he used the same tactic to promote his employer’s brand, and he says, “As soon as he updated the offer of giving away free t-shirts, his one of the reader posted the update on Reddit and he got over million requests for the free t-shirts out of which he was able to manage to give away only 30,000 t-shirts.

  • Custom brand t-shirts are a fresh way to promote your brand that has recently stepped in, it’s also the inexpensive method.
  • Custom t-shirts are a good way for your brand to be seen by different people again and again on the body of people and employees who wear them.

Things you need to keep in mind while distributing free t-shirts?

  • You can’t just give away free t-shirts without any proper planning done. You need to keep few things in mind while you do that.
  • Don’t give it away just like that, wait for an occasion or a good time to make the event reasonable and memorable.
  • Make the design creative so people find it useful to wear them out, don’t make the t-shirt look like a marketing material
  • Incorporate the design using your business logo, don’t escape the idea of using it.

How will it benefit your business?

It will help you strike up business conversations with other major companies or customers

It will clear your way to get in larger companies with your product or service.

The most important thing, it will help you grow your brand recognition.

People will come to know about you when they get your t-shirt and they might spread the word too.

What is the best way to save more while using this tactic?

To save some good amount you can either order in bulk from online t-shirt printing stores or partner with them.