Do you crave sleep during your pregnancy time? Of course you do, with all the strain on your body during bedtime, it will be miracle if you can get a solid shut eye of a few hours. The growing baby bump, increased stress, expanding hips and lot of other things negatively affect the quality of your sleep. But what most people don’t realize is pregnancy pillows can help you in catching up those precious ZZZs.

Yes, you heard it right, pregnancy or maternity pillows do have their benefits. It can help you get a good night sleep by relieving you of all the aches and soreness as they are designed to provide comfort and support to your pregnant body. So, let’s take a look at maternity pillows and what good they are to the pregnant woman and how to buy one. Let’s get started!

What is it exactly?

Maternity pillows basically provide a kind of bed to the constant changing curves of your body. Also, it provides support to you in certain sleeping positions. In the later stages of pregnancy, when sleeping becoming really difficult, these pillows make sleeping positions comfortable for you.

These pillows are much larger than your regular ones and that’s why support your entire body. The need to use maternity pillow arises when you notice the changes in your body that interferes with your sleep.

Are they worth buying?

There is a wide range of pregnancy pillows available out there in different shape and price. They are definitely worth the money but of course you are going to need some clarifications on that front. So, here are the benefits that these pillows have for you:

  • Numbness or intense pain in various part of your body is a common occurrence during pregnancy. These pillows can be the best source of relief from these pain.
  • It has been recommended by doctors to pregnant mothers to sleep on their side for better blood circulation. But this position is extremely uncomfortable due to the growing bump. The softness and the cushioning effect of the pregnancy pillows allow you to sleep in this position.
  • Resting and sleeping is essential for your body, especially during pregnancy. These pillows help you in having a sound sleep that makes you relax and healthy.
  • They are even helpful after delivery for the purpose of breastfeeding that can make your life easy while doing it.

How to choose the best pregnancy pillow?

You need to buy a pillow that meets your requirements. When making the decision, take these things into consideration:

  • The type of filling used in the pillow such as polyester fibre filling, memory foam filling, micro beads filling, therapeutic pillow, styrofoam ball filling or natural and organic filling.
  • The smell and noise of the pillow so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep
  • Size of the pillow as they come in different sizes. Some are for your whole body while others are just for your head
  • Does the pillow comes with a cover? A beautiful cover will make it easier to keep the pillow clean
  • You should also pay attention to its firmness. You may want a soft pillow but it won’t give you much support

Pregnancy pillows are surely worth to make a purchase. So, buy the perfect maternity pillow and enjoy a sound sleep!