With the help of PosiRank’s automated software, you can have your business scaled to increase your potential SEO clients, in a way much faster than you would have ever imagined. Through our automation services, you can have all your monthly tasks done for you. All you need to do is set them on the autopilot mode so that they can recur every month, until you prefer to stop them. This feature gives a lot of flexibility to our users, as through this way, they can create ongoing reports for your clients without having to spend any extra time in putting together all the required data. All that is required from your side, is to set everything up right in our SEO automated system at the beginning of the project, which only takes a few moments.

Automation of Individual Reports

You have a complete choice of what you want to automate in your reports. There are two options available for everyone, first option is to “do it just once” and the second one is to make it “recur for every month.” The “recur for each month” option, allows you to enter various anchor texts that the system would circulate it on its own around the entire month, until the order is continued again, the next month. You can schedule the dates, as per your requirements as it doesn’t has to be the 1st of every month. In fact it’s entirely your choice on which date you want the order to continue for the next month.

Here is a look at how everything works when creating an order:

 Fig 1 Automation Toggling


Fig 2 Setting Anchor Texts and Rotation Parameters


Automation of Monthly/ Weekly Report Sending Process

With the help of PosiRank, you can also have the progress reports sent to your clients, in the PDF format. The reports contain all the summary of the tasks that were completed in a month, link building report details as well as direct access to the keyword tracking section in the dashboard to help the clients in viewing their live rankings, against the particular set of keywords.

Fig 3 Report Sending Process


The sending of the reports is done by a third party that however is not connected to the system of PosiRank. The sending dates and criteria are defined at the start of the entire work. It’s your choice to send the reports on a monthly, weekly or a daily basis; however these settings can be changed as per your requirements whenever you want.

Fig 4 Editing Reporting Parameters

Posi Rank 4

Automation of Full Fledge SEO Campaigns

We also provide the automation services for the management of full fledge SEO campaigns, thus helping to manage your all types of SEO clients. Through our different packages and bundles, you can have a full fledged campaign developed for your clients.

Unlike individual promotions, campaigns can’t be toggled to recur, but in fact a specific recurring campaign is made available for any particular client. There are “one time” and “recurring campaigns” available and the “one time” campaign is usually called “Kickstarter”, whereas the “recurring one” falls under the category of “Climb and Defend”.

Fig 5 Selection of a Recurring/Continuous Campaign

Posi Rank 5

Fig 6 Creation of a Continuous/Recurring Campaign

Posi Rank

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