Crafts projects are a great way for parents to connect with their children. To create a fun hair ribbon together, parents will first need to do a little prep work.

Sometimes it is hard for parents to find good ways to spend time with their children.

Making Hair Bows At Home

Computers, smart phones and tablets have made children even more disconnected from their parents,

so it is a struggle to find ways to connect to children.

A crafts project, such as making a hair bow out of ribbon is a great way for families to spend time together and bond.

The process of making a hair bow is easy, but there are some things that parents need to do to prepare for the project.


The most important things to consider for a hair bow project are the materials that are going to be used.

Ribbons come in a nearly limitless supply of colors and styles.

The simplest ribbons are plain cloth and these are useful in almost every situation.

For more specialized projects, other ribbon designs are available.

College themed, metallic and holiday designs are great for ribbons on special occasions.

The materials should be heavy enough to support any additional accessories that the parent or child wishes to add,

but other than that, any ribbon that attracts the eyes of the parent or child will work fine.


Most hair bows will need some way to stay in the child’s hair,

so it is important to make sure that parents have the right foundations before beginning the project.

Having a selection of different foundations on hand allows the parent and

the child to make changes to the hair bow design on the fly and it will allow parents and children to experiment with different designs during the creation process.

Small bows that are made primarily out of ribbon and do not have many other accessories are easiest to attach to the head with a barrette.

Larger projects should be attached to a hair band of some kind in order to support the weight of the bow.


The one piece of equipment that parents will need for their craft project, but may not have readily available, is a bow frame.

A bow frame keeps the shape of the bow steady during the project and leaves the parent’s hands free to manipulate the ribbon into the correct shape.

Parents can purchase a premade bow maker, or they can create a frame of their own.

Simply drill a series of holes into a board, one set on the right hand side, and one on the left, at varying distances and place a pair of dowels into the holes to make the frame for the hair bow.

With a bow making frame parents can help their children create much more elaborate designs because the dowels hold the bow’s shape.

Some bow designs will not necessitate a frame, but the more complex and involved designs will.

Parents can work with their children to create fun hair bows to help the children accessorize.

The materials and tools needed for the job are not expensive and they are readily available at craft stores, fabric stores and through online retailers.

By making bows with their children, parents can find a way to connect and spend time with their kids while creating something in the process.

Hello. My name is Linda Greene. I wrote this article to help give parents ideas on what to do with their kids.

I think it is a great idea to make ribbons with them, so they aren’t playing video games at all hours.

I know this has help me with my kids, so maybe it will help you as well.