Hey mom and dad! With a bit of creativity and hard work, you can transform your kids’ rooms into their own little havens with these cool bedroom theme ideas. You don’t need to spend a lot of money hiring an interior designer because with just a few tweaks, you can turn a boring room into a magical play land. Now is the perfect time to give your little ones their own little creative space and see their imagination come to life.

Fairytale stories

fairytale room girlsYou can draw a lot of inspiration for cool bedroom theme ideas from fairytales. Whether you have a little princess who adores unicorns and castles, or a little knight who loves to go on make believe adventures, a fairytale theme room can add excitement to your children’s’ playtime. Look for a colour palette that would best represent your fairytale theme bedroom. For girls, light pink and purple would look divine, while for boys, brown and blue would be best. Bed mattress covers come in all colours these days so don’t be afraid match it up to your overall colour theme.

Animal themes

jungle theme bedroomAnother popular bedroom theme idea that you can incorporate in your kids’ room are animals. You can create your own little safari instantly with some stuffed animals on the bed. There’s also a wide array of wall decals designs that you can use to make your own farm or zoo wall mural.


For parents who want to introduce travelling to their kids, you can decorate your kids’ bedrooms with a specific place as inspiration. You can recreate a Paris themed bedroom by incorporating design elements that are uniquely Paris like the Eiffel tower. If you want to decorate your kids’ bedroom with an underwater or beach theme, you can add interesting accents like a surfboard or underwater themed wallpaper to the room. If you can’t take your children to faraway places at this time, you can creatively take these places to them.

Outer space

space bedroomYou can also create an outer space themed bedroom for your child just by painting a focal wall in the bedroom. Look for a space themed design that you want to put on a wall and have fun painting it on. The great thing about having an outer space theme is that with the right design elements, it can easily grow with your child. Paint a galaxy on the biggest wall that you have in the room and look for pillows and bed mattress covers that will fit in with the overall colour palette.


nature bedroom 2Last but not the least, you can always keep it simple with a nature themed bedroom. The nature theme can bring a boring room to life, minus the hassle of repainting the entire area. All you need are a few wall decals of trees and plants and a nature colour palette that you can follow. The nature themed bedroom is by far one of the easiest themes you can execute since there are already a lot of all natural home decors and products available on the market today. You can also get some design inspiration from DIY projects if you want to keep costs to a minimum.