Do you want to make a romantic proposal to your lover? You may book a flight to Sydney. You may cover her eyes and bring her to the beautiful harbor in Sydney. Then you may board a seaplane and open her eyes. The Sydney Harbor Bridge, Opera House and the white sails will come into view. What a wonderful experience! Follow me to explore the authentic Sydney that will let you get drunk.

You will be surprise for this city as soon as you off the plane. The first spot must be the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge. Try an excellent harbor cruise, MV Sydney 2000 can be a smart choice. Sydney Harbor is windy, so here gathers many surfing and sailing amateurs. The beautiful harbor dots with white sails, and always crystal clear spray thrown up one after another when a speedboat passed by. Seating in a boat to allow an unobstructed view of the skyscrapers and the Sydney Opera House. For the moment, you just can’t wait to take a photo of them. It can be a good photo as the rows upon rows of houses.

Make A Romantic Proposal In Sydney

Choose a gift for your lover at Rozelle market. For every weekend, an area of Rozelle Public School will become to a flea market. Rozelle market started from 1991, it was only a place for locals to exchange their goods at first, but now it is the famous second-hand market for Sydney. Don’t think the second-hand gift are unworthy, it can be a good chance to let your lover knows that the true love comes from the small things. If you want to go to Rozelle market, better to hire a campervan, a company named Camperman provides the campervan hire Sydney’s service, they have many qualitied campervans.

Board a Seaplane for having the Lunch

If you ask me what the most impressive of Sydney is, I will tell you is the space, sunshine, freedom and the beach. Give her a romantic and unforgettable lunch. Take a water taxi to Rose Bay Seaplane Base. Book a seaplane package of “Jonah’s Whale Beach plus lunch”. The service offers you 40 minutes flight and a wonderful twin lunch.

Ready for a sky tour? We will start the sky tour by a beaver seaplane. Involve yourself into the nice scenery, the endless green lands and cars. Blue sea and clear sky are joined. The seaplane takes us to the Jonah’s Whale Beach, which is the popular destination of Sydney. As a perfect holiday resort, Jonah’s Private hotel is located in the top of the hill, which is complete isolation. You can see the sky, sea, beach and sun through the French window of the hotel’s restaurant. For the beautiful view and soft music, what do you want to say to your lover?