As old age, illness, or other circumstances make independent living difficult or unsafe for a family member, you may consider placing him or her in assisted living. While there are many residential facilities that can provide assistance, it is important to consider your family member’s wishes. Moving is stressful and may result in feelings of isolation. On the other hand, aging in place and being able to remain in their home as long as possible can help people maintain their sense of belonging and community, even as daily activities become more challenging. In home care in Encino can enable your loved one to stay in their home by providing a variety of services and assistance that do not require relocation.

Maintaining Dignity With In Home Care

When to Consider Homecare in Encino

When deciding whether your relative will remain at home or relocate, there are a few key factors to consider: his or her connections to the community, current care needs and the safety of his or her home. If your loved one has strong relationships nearby, staying in their house ensures allows for socialization, which is important for maintaining emotional health. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that the home is safe by eliminating any fall risks, clutter, or obstructions.Finally, consider the extent of assistance your loved one needs. Homecare in Encino may be a good option if your loved one does not need extensive medical monitoring, but could use help with personal care, transportation, meal preparation, or medication reminders.

What Services Are Available?

After you’ve decided that home care is right for your family member, you will want to review the services available. Identifying your relative’s needs will help you determine which services are appropriate. If your loved one’s home is becoming cluttered or he or she is having difficulty keeping up with regular chores, light housekeeping can be provided. On the other hand, if he or she has difficulty remember to take medication, a care giver can provide reminders to increase medication compliance. In addition, support staff can assist with personal care such as bathing or personal hygiene tasks, a common need for individuals with limited mobility. Meal preparation assistance can also be provided to make sure your loved one is eating a healthy diet. Finally, a care giver can provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store, or family events, giving your loved one increased mobility.

Finding the Right Provider

Once you know which services are appropriate for your family member, you’ll need to select a caregiver.

When trusting someone to care for your loved one you want someone who has been fully vetted. Look for in home care in Encino that provides adequate training for their support staff and allows you to determine the compatibility between the employees and your relative. In addition, make sure that the company conducts background checks on their employees.

If your loved one is struggling to maintain independent living, but is not ready to relocate, consider homecare in Encino. These services provide a flexible alternative to assisted living facilities and nursing homes so that your relative can age in place.