The transition from boyhood to manhood is a significant milestone in a man’s life that sets the stage for his future accomplishments. An important lesson of this journey that always stays with him is the value of time, not only his own but also of those that he comes in contact with. Gradually, the timepiece on his wrist comes to symbolise something more; it becomes an extension of his personality and carries a part of him that he passes down to the coming generations. Thus, when it comes to watches,a man’s collection must be a reflection of his love for timeless appeal combined with his modern spirit.

For starters, you must invest in a high quality, luxury watch that makes a strong statement about who you are. This piece must accompany you on all memorable life events, adding that special touch to your personality and if you don’t mind, stealing a tiny bit of your spotlight. Secondly, in keeping with the current time, it makes sense to own a smartwatch, be it a mini smartphone one or a high-quality Swiss smartwatch. And last but not the least, your prized collection is rather incomplete without your tough guy– the kind of watch that symbolizes your 4 am friend, there for you through thick and thin.

Casio watches, with their versatile product and price range, in arguably embody these multi-facted roles in a man’s life.Easily one of the most well-known watch manufacturers worldwide, Casio boasts an eclectic range of watches across all price points and product categories. Their impressively stunning range is bound to have a piece or two that’s right up your alley! Scroll through some of the finest and latest  Casio watches at Ethos Watch Boutiques, best known for offering a wide range at the click of a button. You are only a click of a button away (yes, it really is that quick and simple) from finding your Casio soulmate!

Now let me introduce you to one of the most exciting and multi-functional ranges of Casino watches. Technologies continue to evolve, but it’s safe to say that Edifice, with its remarkable focus on high-performance, leads the way.The Edifice range by Casio combines aesthetically top-notch face designs and hand movements that simulate the power and speed of motor sports. These analog watches, backed by cutting-edge engineering technology, are designed for men who set the pace ahead of the pack. Equipped with 2-city simultaneous time display and twin sensors that display temperatures and directions, this range of watches has certainly got it all! With a vast array of options to choose from, including special Red Bull Racing editions and Analogue Quartz editions, you will certainly be spoiled for choice!

We have culled out select pieces from the range that stand out to us and are bound to leave a mark on anyone who sets their eyes on them!

Model EFR-539BKG-1AVUDF, displayed above, is the perfect archetype of the Edifice series. The contrast between the black and rose gold ion plated band create that envious balance of elegance and laid-back style that is simply hard to resist. But that’s not just it – the impressive date display and 100-meter water resistance also add immense value to this piece.


EFR-539L-7AV from the Chronograph range is a stunning display of large faces and cases that powerfully stand out on the wrist. While the gray ion bezel and luxe rose gold details are a treat to the eyes, the watch also boasts a 100-meter water resistance and 1/10-second stopwatch. Elegance, superior quality and an incredible range of features characterise this ultra-dapper timepiece.

The smartwatches in the Casio Edifice range can synchronize with iPhones and selected Android models using the Casio Watch+ app. This enables you to synchronize your watch with the app, and it updates itself in accordance with the timezone you’re in.

They also offer a special feature called watch finder – great for those of us who are incorrigibly forgetful.


The above timepiece, EQB-500DC-1ADR, comes with a stainless steel metal casing, thereby making it both boardroom appropriate and sporty enough for a casual day out. Inspired by motorsport, the motor of the watch is 26 percent smaller than previous Edifice models, which enables various smart technology to be installed within its polished and compact watch face. This includes Bluetooth® connectivity, water resistance of up to 100 metres and Tough Solar, a solar-powered technology that converts light from various sources into power to optimally drive watch functions while conserving battery power.