The importance of lungs for your body cannot be underestimated. Not only is it one of the largest organs in the human body but its role as a respiratory organ allows your body to accumulate oxygen and rid it of carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, the environment that we live in is becoming more hazardous for our body with every passing day. It is taking its toll on our lungs too with different elements in the atmosphere that cause breathing problems.  Diseases like bronchitis and lung cancer are now more common than they were ten years ago.

But you shouldn’t worry since there are ways using which you can ensure that your lungs remain healthy. You can start off by reading this article that lists down the essential things that you should do for your lungs and their well being.

List Of Things That You Should Do For Your Lungs Health

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One of the best ways to give your lungs better circulation and increase health is to exercise regularly. To ensure that your lungs have improved health over time you should know that you will need to carry out vigorous exercises that will include running, dancing or swimming. Simple walking or gym will not do the trick for your lungs. You need to push them harder to breathe faster and increase the lungs capacity to work better when you are pushing yourself physically. With exercise your lungs expand and contract, strengthening the muscles in them and allowing you more breathing capacity when you are running, exercising or working under strenuous circumstances. Exercising for lungs also increases a person’s capacity to control their stress levels thereby allowing you to enjoy mental calmness in situations of stress and anxiety.


To ensure the health of your body it is important that you pay attention to your diet. There are various things that you can do for your lungs’ health. Among these is to start taking ascorbic acid supplements. These are commonly known as vitamin C supplements and do wonders for your lungs. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that allows your lungs to get more strength and helps in protection. You only need to take one tablet of 500 mg vitamin C a day. If you are not okay with artificial supplements then you can opt for a diet that is rich in vitamin C i.e. includes strawberries, kiwi fruit, cashews and broccoli.

Avoid Smoking and don’t be a Passive Smoker

It is an established fact that smoking is bad for your health. If you want to enjoy a good life with a healthy set of lungs, it is important that you stop yourself from smoking. For years companies have been labelling their products with warnings about smoking and how it affects your health. It is important that you heed these warnings as smoking can damage the inner lining of your lungs, inhibit your breathing and cause multitude of diseases. If you are not a smoker yourself, be careful not to become a passive smoker as passive smoking is also one of the leading causes of lung diseases. You should try to remain clear of any smokers and protect yourself from the harmful effects of smoking.

Breathing Exercises

One way to improve the health of your lungs is to start breathing exercises. There are numerous exercises that you can start off with and offer you the chance to increase your lungs health and breathing capability. You can start practising yoga as well since there are a couple of meditation exercises that soothe the breathing process and help you get more air. Patients that have asthma use these kinds of exercises to ensure they can breathe easy without any problems. There are different breathing exercises that have been developed over the years for sports, military and a myriad of other industries.

Without lungs a human body cannot simply function. Accident survivors, cancer patients and other critically ill patients are given oxygen to ensure that they get the maximum amount of air to their organs. Lungs therefore need to be kept in excellent condition. Follow the considerations that are mentioned here in this article and also get yourself regularly checked by your doctor. Remember, your lungs will only be healthy if you take proper care of them.

Ali Karim is a doctor residing in Zurich, Switzerland. He writes about different topics related to creating nice diets for yourself, exercises for your organs and other health issues. He lists down here things that you can do for your lungs to improve and sustain their health.