Stress can cause a wide variety of physical and mental symptoms, however, by making a few changes you can help to radically reduce the amount of pressure in your life and live a fuller, healthier existence.

Lifestyle Tips To Reduce Stress

If stress seems to be getting the better of you, follow these tips for a more relaxed lifestyle.

Organise Your Time

Many of us suffer from stress because we do not organise our time adequately. Where you can, plan ahead and get things ready the night before so that you are prepared for the next day, create a to-do list and prioritise the most important things.

Cook meals ahead where you can and make extras and freeze them so you always have a meal ready in the freezer; this helps save both time and money.

If you find yourself procrastinating when you are online, and you end up not getting the most vital things done, install some software to stop you viewing the sites that you waste the most time on during the day. In addition, get an email filter to shift out any of the least important messages that can wait until later.

Get Some Exercise

Many of use lead sedentary lifestyles these days and this can ultimately lead to conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Making exercise an everyday part of your routine can have numerous health benefits and will help to significantly reduce your stress levels while improving the quality of your life.

If the idea of going to a gym doesn’t appeal to you, try to get as much walking into your daily routine as you can and buy a fitness tracker so that you can measure how far you are walking every day – the amount to aim for is 10,000 steps. Alternatively, join a yoga or Pilates class, or get some DVDs for relaxing exercise routine that will aid sleep and unwind tight muscles.

Shop Online

Shopping really is one of the most stressful things that you can do and research has shown that we spend more money when we are feel under pressure. To avoid temptation, get most of your shopping online as this can save you money while also helping you to avoid long queues and traffic jams.

Buying online is especially good if you want to save money on supermarket shopping as it stops you from buying items you hadn’t planned for, however, you do need to take care when buying women’s online fashion as you can’t always get a clear idea of what the item will look like properly until it arrives.

Drink Plenty

If you feel sluggish, or if you suffer from headaches and you can’t find anything else that is causing the symptoms, you could be suffering from dehydration. Being dehydrated stops us from performing at our best, and with so many people working in close office environments and relying on cups of tea and coffee to get them through the day, dehydration can become a common factor.

Experts recommend that we drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of plain, still water every day; coffee, tea and fizzy drinks don’t count as the caffeine they often contain can often be dehydrating.

Eat Well

The last thing most people want to do if they are having a busy day is to get home and prepare a meal. However, by cooking from scratch, you’ll know exactly what’s going into your food and you’ll have control over the amount of sugar, salt and fat that is added to your meal.

Preparing your own meals can also be a great way of unwinding and of getting all of the family involved at mealtime, and once you have all of the basic ingredients it can save you a significant amount of money as well.

Get Enough Sleep

No one can perform at their best if they hadn’t had enough sleep and most of us will have times when our sleeping patterns are out of kilter. If you are struggling to get a good night’s rest, learn to establish a routine and take some time to unwind before bedtime. Don’t watch TV or listen to the news late at night, and perhaps consider learning some meditation techniques to aid relaxation.