Botox injections can have a large number of positive effects on your body – some of which you may never even have considered. After it was first discovered, the drug was first used to treat muscle spasms around the eyes, eyelid twitching, crossed eyes, and blurred vision. But as they performed these procedures, medical practitioners began to notice that the treatments were also visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles in the skin around patients’ eyes. Thus, Botox became the miracle drug for treating the signs and symptoms of aging skin that we all know today!

Botox injections are a simple procedure, but it’s still important to have them done by a trained medical professional in a reliable environment. The procedure itself is fairly unremarkable, especially compared to dramatic surgeries like facelifts. The physician will mark the areas to be treated, then wipe each area with an alcohol pad and perform anywhere from 6 to 36 injections. The needles used are very thin, fine, and short, and the doctor usually uses a local anesthesia or numbing gel to lessen the pain. Doing this will take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, and it’s a good idea to remain still for about ten minutes afterward the treatment to allow the Botox to be absorbed by the muscles. Aside from this, once your treatment is over there is no downtime or recovery required – you can just get up and go about your day!

Learn More About What Botox Injections Can Do For You!

Botox takes between 2-4 days to work and lasts an average of four months. It’s best to allow it to wear off completely before having another injection, so that you can have a clear idea of exactly how long the treatments last for you, and what might need to be done differently the next time.

There are many uses for Botox injections beyond cosmetic treatments. They can help relax “bands” around the neck, relax jaw muscles and shoulder muscles to help with the treatments of migraines, help control bladder incontinence, and even eliminate excess perspiration by inhibiting the production of acetylcholine. (Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter that stimulates the sweat glands.) Different types of specialists have to treat many of these other problems, but your cosmetic surgeon can take care of some of them, too.

A more subtle result of the Botox injections is the fact that you’ll not only find yourself looking younger, but feeling younger too. Seeing the results of the treatment will put you in a better frame of mind and help to restore your self-confidence, which will have positive effects in every area of your life. You will look better and know it. Your expression will brighten and the response you get from people around you will brighten, too.

Learn More About What Botox Injections Can Do For You!

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