Every fashionista knows that having knee length or tall boots are an absolute must. They are elegant, classy and sophisticated. They rule the fashion shows and even the street trends. They are comfortable, chic and an absolute necessity, especially if the weather is cold or chill.

The Occasion

Since they are not occasion specific, you can look fab doing anything when you wear them. You can wear them to the brunch, school, work, church or even while doing your daily grocery shopping. These are a safe choice and at the same time give an elegant look. They are not age specific, so women can wear them at any age. Be it little girls with the flat-heeled boots to middle-aged women, they look fabulous with these boots. You can wear them at any time of the day.

Leather Boots – A Must Have Accessory In A Woman’s Wardrobe

The Function

We love tall boots because they not only have a serious purpose, but also look sexy and make heads turn when you walk. The serious purpose being that they keep your feet and legs warm in the cold season.

You can wear them with

  • Skirts, be it long asymmetrical skirts, knee length or minis
  • Dresses – short dresses, party dresses, long summer dresses, etc.
  • Skinny jeans, knee lengths, three-fourths, etc
  • Jean shorts or any other form of shorts in various length and sizes

They are very versatile and can be worn with almost anything. They can bring life to any outfit, however dull the outfit might be. It just makes the whole appearance much more appealing.

Leather Boots – A Must Have Accessory In A Woman’s Wardrobe

The make

The boots themselves are made in so many variations, from the base make of leather, faux leather, plastic based materials to the additional trimmings for decorative purposes like belts, zippers, buttons, rhinestones, etc. Your traditional tall boots are always black or nude (tan) in color and are made up of leather or suede leather. They come in various sizes, from over the ankle length to knee length and over the knee length.

Leather Boots – A Must Have Accessory In A Woman’s Wardrobe

Now, the question is how big you want the heels to be. This is quite tricky. Of course, you want the big heels, but ask yourself, if you are going to be comfortable wearing them for a long duration of time. It would be better at this time to also purchase a flat heeled or small-heeled pair of boots along with the big heels. You cannot realistically wear tall heels and run around the whole town/city trying to get any work done. Spare your feet the trauma!

It is essential to make sure that you buy these boots from a good shoe brand that is known for its quality and durability. You will have to do a little research or ask your friends about good shoe stores or just go for the old reliable stores. You could try looking for the on the internet by visiting websites of top brands like Gipsy Dharma. After considering all these things, you know that you want one too!